Michael Arndt is an American screenwriter and assistant.



  • He was thanked in four Disney/Pixar films: Toy Story of Terror!, Monsters University, Small Fry and Hawaiian Vacation.
  • His alternate names are Micheal DeBruyn and Micheal deBruyn.
  • He had to quit his job as assistant to Matthew Broderick in order to write his Oscar-winning screenplay for Little Miss Sunshine (2006).
  • He was one of 115 people invited to join AMPAS in 2007.
  • Michael was a semifinalist in the Academy Nicholl Fellowships in 1991 and 2001 before his monumental success in 2006 with his Academy Award winning screenplay for Little Miss Sunshine.
  • He won 20 awards (including an Oscar).
  • He has been nominated 25 times.