Metroville is a fictional city, presumably in the United States, although its exact location is unknown. It is home to the Parr family and other characters of The Incredibles.



Metroville was home to many superheroes before they were forced into retirement by the government; now the town is mostly a quiet suburb. Metroville is also home to two of the world's villains.


Metroville is a suburban town, where the Parrs live, and Dash and Violet attend school. It also has a downtown area where Bob works, Lucius and Honey live, and the final battle of the film occurs.


  • The timeframe of The Incredibles appears to place the movie in the 1960's as evidenced by Metroville's architectural style and car designs. Although, It may take place later, and the Parrs just live in an older house.
  • Metroville's name is a combination of Metropolis and Smallville Superman's home cities in DC Comics.

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