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  • Where and when does the director state her love for nick is Platonic. Can you show me? Because unless you can, your specifics will count as False information, and i cant allow that.

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    • His Twitter. In his Q&A, he was asked if Judy and Nick are a couple at the end. He answered that no, they aren't, they are only friends. He also stated months before the movie even came out that this would be a movie where the main characters don't fall in love, and both he and Ginnifer Goodwin have stated on different occasions that the ending exchange was indeed meant to be platonic, a fact that apparently evaded Jason Bateman, who thought the exchange was supposed to be a romantic one. So yeah, you can kindly leave that note in from now on.

      Amazing, really, how after three Disney movies in a row reminding us that more than one kind of love exists, the same audience who praised those forget that lesson when it involves furries they've wanted to see smooching and more since literally the first teaser.

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