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  • Each Paragraphs explains how I visualize these African Wild Dogs acting loyal and cautious about while treating the lions considerately, frequently in all 4 motion pictures The Lion King, The Lion  King 2 Simba's Pride, Lion King 1 1/2 and The Lion Guard which Kion is shown in. If you and others wish to put additional scenes this blog might help the experts who are busy trying to form live action of the Lion King. Maybe a future Live Action sequel, so even the lions who aren't known well yet aren't likely to be left out in the live action video.

    My Blog includes Kopa at least a little bit. But it includes the main lions for sure. It's a blog that explains how much I can picture the African Wild Dog traveling to help the main lions, even if they're still busy helping their own family. 

    Thank You The One1000 any discussion question or General Discussion page I've put to show support for a favorite movie or a favorite character you were the first one on this wiki to respond politely. My past blogs haven't been responded to either yet.  I just pleased I finally know someone who doesn't ignore suggestions from others.

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    • Yeah, sure happy to help.

      I'll check out your blog right away.


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    • Even though it's simple to tell how much GraceKim12 didn't like my grattitude of your respect expressed on the discussion page , I still sure aprreciate you kindness I'm pleased you consider my idea of African Wild Dogs being added to the Lion King set cool even though GraceKim12 talks sort of making fun of my idea like the pack can't be added at all. 

      I like how respectful your replies are The One1000. But GraceKim12 has a dificulty with me.

      Thank you for reading the blog of the African Wild Dogs protecting the lions.

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    • Thanks. Personally, I think it's great to have new ideas for stories, and see no reason why anyone should get upset about it.

      No problem. Let me know if you have any more new blogs.

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  • Well if you want to pursue this any further, I'm still dwelling on the Avatar Answers Wiki. Better place to host this topic rather than here, evidently.

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    • Whoa whoa whoa, back it up.

      I never at any point said that I thought you hated the series because of this one character you have this problem with. And I never held it against you that you like Azula or even that you hate Zuko. I merely said you held too much against the series for a factor of the formula you decided you didn't agree with. Earlier this week you sounded much harsher in your criticism of the series because of this one element. I never said you outright hated the show for it at any point, huge difference. I was merely emphasizing that you should not sour so hard on the series just because of this one factor that you harped on. I was just saying, you just need to understand what their intentions were and why they did what they did. That's it.

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  • Not really interested in that, sorry.

    Well dude I'm sorry, but that's the breaks. She's a villain, he's not. She's not pure in her intentions, he is. So I'm not sure what complaint you wish to raise because it's pretty obvious one was not meant to be sympathized with but the other was supposed to be the hero looking for redemption. Don't hold that against the series though, just wait and see what the comics bring.

    We shall see I guess, we'll see what the end of the story brings.

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    • As you wish.

      I'm sorry I don't like him and how I feel about Zuko is how you feel about Lok.

      Yes redemtion for her or else

      So I'm suppose not to like Mako for a couple things he did but I'm suppose to like somebody who says he is sorry and that makes every thing okay?

      The master trolls like George Lucas.

      Oh by the way have you played Kotor and Kotor 2?

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    • Well I think you're overreading it a bit much, you can't ignore how the story was intentionally structured so if you got a problem with how the two were portrayed, tell Bryke about it. But it's too late to do anything about that, so appreciate what we got since it really didn't drag down the series much.

      What you seem hesitant to accept is that Zuko was intended to transform into a more heroic character and shed his initial villainous side. Azula was not meant to experience the same sort of redemption in this series, that's just something you have to understand and accept. But you shouldn't bash Zuko for it, because that's not his fault. It's just how the story was told by the two men in charge, so stop with the anti-Zuko raving. It's far too excessive and the blame misplaced. You don't like him, fine. But this particular reason for hating him just comes off as hollow. He was the antihero, she was evil. That's the reality of what was shown onscreen.

      Besides, she's supposedly gonna get redemption in the comics so what's the problem here anyway?

      Well, fans accept that Zuko is the good guy now and that Azula was the bad guy. Quit pretending she wasn't a villain. People like Zuko because he finally came to terms with the error of his ways. Mako hasn't received proper retribution for it, or apologized sufficiently to please the overwhelming majority of the fandom. The fact that he's cast as one of the main good guys makes it worse. And dude be realistic, how would you react if you were ever in Asami's shoes during the love triangle? You may like this character, but when somebody's done wrong, they've done wrong. And very few people are going to argue that Mako didn't do wrong in how he handled his relationship with both women. Sorry, but you're in the minority on that one. People don't like him because he did wrong, and he's not particularly likable personality-wise or action-wise. Accept it, because that will remain the case until he gets his act together in Book 2, which hopefully he will.

      Worse, almost. It's going to catch up with them like it did George Lucas, now people who used to admire George Lucas won't stop talking about how his edits "ruined" the Star Wars movies, or the whole Jar Jar controversy. Bryke is already trailing onto thin ice so they shouldn't push it farther if they don't want to be the next people to endure George Lucas' fate.

      Never have.

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  • Okay dude, why do you have such an overly negative opinion of the character Zuko on ATLA? And why is that the only thing you will talk about, other than that sequel?

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    Isabella and Lego Liker
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    • What do you mean? Hakoda was a non-bad dad. Besides, my beef with the series isn't that.

      Yeah well I couldn't think less of it since they pulled that Shyamalan-esque twist out of nowhere and ended up undoing anything, so no I'm not for it even if the treatment was equal. And no, it's not all about Zuko vs. Azula in every episode, but given the polar opposites that they are the contrast is inevitably made. I mean wouldn't it be awkward if the really big bad of the series Ozai was made to look like someone who didn't deserve to be punished for what he was doing? It would all feel too much like the Spy Kids movies where every villain got off easy and was suddenly good if we gave every villain in this series that kind of special treatment. Yes, Avatar is about second chances but some people are somewhat less deserving of it than others. I mean can't you admire Azula as a villain rather than lamenting how she didn't get the same cozy treatment Zuko got later in the game? She was not designed to be the sympathetic type, it's just that simple. Her second chance had to wait until the events of The Search, and she still isn't getting her act together. So who knows what will ultimately be the outcome.

      I hope so too, but I honestly have no clue what to anticipate in the third part, so we'll just have to sit tight and see what happens.

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    • Yeah, but and evil non bad dad.

      I'm glad he did not ruin Jet.I could have gone for The Spy Kids treatment since Zuko sorta did when his uncle forgave him.No I can't admire this lame treatment as compared to Zuko sorry.Idk what people are excepting of a mentally unstable person anyway.

      O this is what will happen at the end of The Search.

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