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  • Composition: Music Rythem Instrumentationist

    Parents once guided their child Interests: even when the child did not have the same feeling: Taught them Music or Tutored by a teacher or friend who felt young children should be taught the Inter-Lude of Music.

    Composition: Band, Music Rythem Instrumentationist:

                            Composers: Note Notationist, 
                            Composers: Writer Lyricist

    Solo, Duet, Choir, Harmonist Unified Singers: are welcome in the Audition practices, before the concert happens.

    Parents wanted their children to become more than they are: stage Performers Actors, Actress. They wanted their children to become Music Composer Notationist, Lyricist and Music Song Rythem Instrumentationist. Educationists will explores all options for the child to learn.

    Those with experience: were noticed in the Recital hall: beginners, and experts alike also in the same position. They event is held in the Conservatory, Choir Stadium Hall, Bleacher Field, Church, School Dormintory, Gazebo, Municipal City Hall; Libraries, Gymnasium, and Stage Auditorium: Concert held for the parents, friends and visitors who came by. Music Composers/ Composition: Band Rythem Instrumentationist: Students practice in the basement, the Garage, a friends house or in class room. The have music Instructors outside the class room similar to a tutor. This is an advance student class for those who want to learn starting as when they are little tike children. Those who are beginners are also welcome. 

    School Funding: improves Public Education and the School board. After student's graduated they have to find their own way or find Studio the Business gent who is searching for talent performers that will higher them. Air Studio's; The Problem: must Pay for air time: by the hour.

    In order to grow interest of the public, the audience need buy a ticket: C.D. records, nothing does not come cheep. Need to find the owner of the Stadium hall to borrow their auditorium to bring the people in. However Leasting a Stadium all this come with a price: must pay for building it's self: Bill's have to be paid given to the owner.The Owner also gets ten percent cut, just like the ticket agents. The Rest of the money is yours.

    Audience Interested will help if they like your Sound track. Public can be very supportive: but tickets must come first before society could buy the C.D. Record. Advice: Radio Song are played for enjoyment, just do not give them every song on the list, before they all get down-loaded. Give them a couple of Songs to inspire the customers.

    Convince them:

    I would like to see Vocaloid Musicians: in Dub English: speaking language: I cannot wait to hear your songs: The Future of Television, and the Internet:

    I also enjoy

    Vocaloid,  Prizmmy: My Dear Future, Haruta and Chika Aikatsu

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