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  • About Kion always exsisting. He did not exsist in the lion king 2 simbas pride. The makers never even had him in mind. So in that way he did not exsist when the movie was made. Now later on for a show for children, writers cleverly put a cheesy background story to somehow throw kion in as a supposed sibling to kiara. Which as a show in itself works. But when it comes to the movies the lion king and the lion king 2 Kion never exsisted and kiara Is an only child and never had siblings. But the kiddie show the lion guard is cute and fun none the less. You can say he DOES exsist if that's how you want the story to go but when it comes to the movies and the time of their making Kion never exsisted as they Hadent even thought of or created his character yet. So the show the lion guard just gave us a fun little idea to imagine how life might of been had kiara had a brother with the power to protect the pride lands. And entertainment for those who would like to see more of the lion king crachters.

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  • Tell me about mickey

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