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  • We no longer apply any alternate or crossover materials into the infoboxes, original materials only from now on.

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  • Please do not add the category "ABC characters", as it's completely unnecessary.

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  • Can you come to the wiki chat please?

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  • Joey Lawrence's brothers: Matthew and Andrew should also belong in that category.

    If you want, create another category called Jumping Ship which is the sequel to Horse Sense too.

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  • Your attention please, We do not require such a category and it does not exist. Please do not proceed any further.

    Thank you for your attention.

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  • quit the "....." comments

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  • Please stop adding false information/opinions to pages, considering how many you've done, this is a warning, if you continue you will get a 2 day ban.

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  • I'm honestly curious as to why you continue to add Eilonwy to the category Magic-Users.

    The original source for the character has her as a powerful sorceress, but no sign of this remains in the Disney version.

    Ergo, the Disney version of Eilonwy does not belong in the category.

    --Sings-With-Spirits (talk) 01:54, June 19, 2014 (UTC)

    PD. Si prefieres que nos comuniquemos en España, no tengo problema con eso.


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    • I could swear she used magic in the Disney version, compadre.

      In any case, doesn't having control over that magic ball of light make her a magic user? I mean, Alice is listed as a magic user because she eats the magic mushroom...

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    • Comadre... I'm a godmother to some, a dude to none... ;)

      Regarding the ball of light, it is a sentient magic item which does not give her magical powers. If anything, it would be the Pelydryn who is the magic-user... if applicable.

      The entry under Alice is wrong; she is not a magic-user either.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Agustinaldo, we need to talk. You have commented twice that you won't say my username because you are Christian. What does my username have to do with Christianity?

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  • -what was inside the briefcase in "Pulp Fiction"?

    Officially unknown, but there are three main theories:
    1) Gold. Just look at the color.
    2) Marcellus Wallace’s soul. Many people point to circumstantial evidence to argue this case.
    3) “The stuff dreams are made of.” In other words; it doesn’t matter. – Quentin Tarantino is the one who said this.
    Fourth one:
    4) The same thing that was in the silver case in Ronin.

    -why does Mike say he and Sully have known each other since third grade, if they met in college?

    Bad research on the part of the writers.
    Remember that we are arguing things where the writers/producers purposefully integrated explanations into canon.

    -if Boris the Animal erased K/Kay from existance, how come J/Jay is still an agent? For that matter, wouldn't this end up destroying the Earth, since no one would be left to stop Edgar the Bug and thus pacify the Arquillians?

    The producers have stated that each film (and the TV series AND each run of comic books) runs in its own continuity, so any discrepancies are independent to each continuity.

    -if seeing yourself in another time period causes the universe to be destroyed, how come the universe wasn't destroyed when Marty saw himself escaping from the Lybians? Or when Future Biff met 1955 Biff?

    Doc Brown was just theorizing, not stating fact. Also, that was just “a worst case scenario”; the damage could be localized to just our galaxy.

    -why didn't General Zod terraform Mars?

    Because Zod is a megalomaniacal idiot incapable of simple logic. No, I’m not exaggerating; he’s been that way since the original comics, through the first and second films and in Smallville.

    -how come none of the Jedis could read Palpatine's mind and figure out that he was Darth Sidious?

    A) Because he is extremely strong in the ways of the force
    B) Because he’s very good at masking himself, his emotions and his intentions
    C) Because Jedi don’t actually read minds.

    -how can Leia remember her real mother if she died when Leia was a baby?

    Some people in real life do have some vague impressions of their first few days. Also, Leia is force-sensitive; she might have felt Padme’s emotions before she was even born.

    -how come Obi-Wan doesn't realize that "only Siths deal in absolutes" IS an absolute?

    He knows; it’s his wry sense of humor coming through.

    -why was Lavender Brown black when she originally appeared, but white in all the rest of her appearances?

    No explanation needed; this is not really an issue of canon;
    This is a very interesting case and besides canon, involves something called “apocrypha”, “semi-canon” and “practical adaptation”: In the Harry Potter fan community, the BOOKS, not the films, are the primary canon; the films are semi-canonical, meaning that so long as it does not contradict the books, it can be considered canon. Tertiary sources, with the exception of “Word of God” statements by JK, are “apocrypha”, meaning that, for purposes of canon, they are a couple of steps above “fanfic”. Ok, those were the basics: the two actresses who play Lavender in the second and third film are identified only in the credits, ‘’not’’ on-camera; this places the identity of the character being played in question. In the books, Lavender is not actually described, so canon is no help; in the films, we have THE definitive Lavender brown being played unequivocally by Jess Cave, since this does NOT contradict the books, she is the canonical Lavender Brown and the other two are just “background students”
    BUT there are also the realities of “practical adaptation”, where due to various practical considerations, an actor/actress is unavailable, but the character is too important to drop. Google up “the other Darren”.

    -same thing from Harvey Dent. Why was he black before he became Two Face, but white after he became Two Face?

    Again, not canon; in the first film he was “always black” and in the second film he was “always white”. Darren syndrome applies.

    -what, exactly, was stopping Alice from simply eating another piece of the mushroom again and not waste any time this time?

    This goes way beyond discussions on canon.

    -how can AURYN affect the real world in part 3 if it only has power in Fantasia?

    Bad writing.

    -if the residents of Fantasia can only exist in Fantasia, how come entering the real world in part 3 didn't kill them?

    Bad writing

    -how can Bastian's stepsister use AURYN?

    Links of blood and pure heart.

    -why does the Childlike Empress in part 3 look like she in her 20s?

    Bad casting.

    -why doesn't Gandalf just call on the eagles to dtop the One Ring on Mount Doom?

    Because they would’ve been seen by Sauron and Mount Doom would’ve been an impregnable fortress bristling with archers and ballistae.

    -how did Shredder survive being crushed by a trash compactor? And if he can survive that, how come a bunch of wood falling on him kills him?

    Bad writing.

    -and why was he THREATENING that girl with the Mutagen? In this universe, the Mutagen turns you big and muscular, so if he did use the Mutagen on the girl, all that would have happened is that the girl would have turned big and muscular and kicked Shredder's ass, how does that help him?

    Worse writing.

    -why didn't Skynet send a Terminator to kill Sarah Connor when she was 3 years old?

    They actually explain this one on-screen; all it knew was that John Connor’s mother was named “Sarah Connor” and lived in L.A. before Judgement day; without additional information, it would not know where she lived when she was 3; she could’ve liven in another state, or had a different last name (changing it due to adoption, for example).

    --Sings-With-Spirits (talk) 12:29, April 25, 2014 (UTC)

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