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Mermaid Lagoon
Background Information
Feature films Peter Pan
Return to Neverland
Television programs Jake and the Never Land Pirates
Video games Peter Pan: Adventures in Never Land
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Park attractions Peter Pan's Flight
Other Information
Other names
Location Never Land
Inhabitants Mermaids, Marina, Stormy
Visitors Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy Darling, Jane, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, Skully, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, Sharky and Bones,Lucille the Seal, Sandy the Starfish, Mama Hook
Final state
Mermaid Lagoon is a location from Peter Pan. It is home to Neverland's mermaid population.



Peter Pan

In Mermaid Lagoon's first appearance it is a deep lagoon with a big rock in the middle where the mermaids recline and Peter Pan tells stories.There is a smaller rock under a waterfall where the mermaids sit and wash. A smaller rock on the left side, is where Wendy was almost drowned.

Return to Never Land

Mermaid lagoon makes a cameo appearance when Peter Pan gives Jane a tour of Neverland.

As some mermaids do Jane's hair a blonde mermaid sneaks behind her with a giant clam shell full of water. As she attempts to soak Jane. Peter Pan takes her away and the other mermaids are soaked themselves. It appears again in the end credits in the map of Neverland.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

In Jake and the Never Land Pirates Mermaid Lagoon is home to Marina and her sister Stormy.

Mermaid Lagoon first appeared in episode "Surfin Turf" Jake, Izzy, Cubby and Skully were getting surf lessons from their mermaid friend Marina.After Izzy's lesson, the surfboard is stolen by Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. Jake and his crew, accompanied by Marina set off to take back their treasure.

The Lagoon reapers in the episode "Captain Hook's Parrot" Captain Hook and his crew made their way pass Mermaid Lagoon with a capture Skully on their way back to The Jolly Roger. With the sea pups in pursuit.

Mermaid Lagoon is visited again in the episode"The Mermaid's Song" Jake and his crew help Marina and her sister Stormy prepare for the Treasure of the Tides ceremony.But Stormy would rather be surfing when she came up with the idea to use the power of the Mermaid's Song to hypnotize Captain Hook,Mr. Smee and Cubby to do all the work for her.Snappy the Hermit Crab, would later rush off to warn Marina about her sister was abusing the power of the mermaid song.

Mermaid Lagoon is appears again in the episode"Treasure of the Tides" Izzy, Marina, Stormy and the other mermaids before they set off to find the "Treasure of the Tides" Hook order Sharky and Bones to block the lagoon using the Jolly Roger but the two pirates were no match for the slippery Lucille the Seal who was able slip pass them and recruit the help of two blue whales to force the Jolly Roger out the way so Izzy and the mermaids could catch up to Hook and Mr. Smee.

Mermaid Lagoon reappears in the Halloween episode "Tricks, Treats and Treasure!" as the sea pups first stop during there trick or treating.The pirate team were greeted by their mermaid friend stormy who plan to give her friends a helping of "cocoanut corn" but Captain Hook and Mr. Smee try to swipe the bowl from her causing the bowl to fall into the lagoon.Fortunately Jake use his quick wit to make a lasso out of seaweed to rescue the bowl and return it to Stormy and continue trick or treating on Never Land.

Mermaid Lagoon makes appearance in the special Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky as one of the stop in the great race between Bucky and The Jolly Roger.Mermaid Lagoon reappears in the episode "Seahorse Saddle-Up!" as the starting line and the finish line in the seahorse Never Sea race.

Mermaid Lagoon reappears in the episode "Sandy and the Clams" Sandy the Starfish and his singing clam trio put on a show for Marina, Stormy and Jake and his crew at the lagoon before the clams are accidentally taken by Mr. Smee as decorations peace for Captain Hook's date with Red Jessica.

Mermaid Lagoon reappears in the episode "Trading Treasures",Queen Coralie held her Fin and Frolic dance party at the lagoon.

In the episode "The Mermaid Queen's Voice",Queen Coralie was set to host and preform a concert at Mermaid Lagoon but come down with laryngitis right before the concert begins.Jake and his crew knew the magical waters of Fa la la Falls would restore the queens voice.

Kingdom Hearts (series)

Peter Pan: Adventures in Never Land


Peter Pan
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