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Melvin S​tinkelton is a stinkbug and a classmate to Maggie and Rayna.


  • Maggie Pesky: In "Love Stinks", Melvin thought Maggie was in love with him, because she defended him against some bullies. Later, Melvin wanted to go on a date with Maggie at the Stickyfeet Swamp Club. Maggie just wanted to be friends, but Melvin thought they were a couple. Maggie later told him she wasn't his girlfriend.
  • Gym Shorts Kid: Melvin and Gym Shorts Kid has a friendly relationship, as seen in "The Usual Insects".


  • "Love Stinks" (first appearance)
  • "The Usual Insects"
  • "Best Best Friends"
  • "Club Hopping" (cameo)
  • "Roach Hotel"


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