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Melody is Soos Ramirez's long-distance girlfriend who lives in Portland. Before moving back to her hometown, she used to work at "Meat Cute" in the Gravity Falls Mall.



Melody is very ingenue, warm, kind and shares plenty of personality traits and interests with her boyfriend. She dislikes the idea of being a "grown up," and finds it admiring that Soos at his age could do seemingly embarrassing and childish things without worrying about what other people think. Her and Soos' also share a similar sense of humor.

Physical Appearance

Melody is average height and has a heavy build. She has wavy light brown hair which is pulled back into a loose ponytail, light tan skin, and pink lips. Her main outfit consists of a lavender shirt with white polka-dots, white shorts, and periwinkle sandals. As accessories, she wears pink and purple diamond shaped earrings, a lavender hair tie, and a pink cross body bag with a design consisting of a light yellow zigzag at the bottom, two light blue symmetrical diamonds with smaller dark pink diamonds in the middle of them on the fold of the bag, and a light blue diamond button to keep the bag closed. She also wears a light brown and yellow watch on her left arm.

When working at Meat Cute, her outfit is a white v-neck shirt underneath a yellow apron with a pink bow at the back, including a pink Meat Cute logo across the center, pale jean shorts, and brown and white shoes that resemble Soos' shoes. She also wears a pink hair tie and a yellow and white cap with an emblem of meat on the center.

Role in the series

Melody debuts in "Soos and the Real Girl," where she watches Soos from afar ride a train at the mall, and eventually approaches him, commenting that she thinks it is cool he indulges his inner child without caring what others think. She then goes on about how she hates being an adult, and her and Soos begin chatting and sharing interests, eventually agreeing to go out a date.

S2e5 long distance

Soos and Melody agree on a long-distance relationship.

Later on, their date is turned into a disaster when .GIFfany crashes their date by bringing the Pizzamatronic to life and ordering them to attack Melody, Soos, Dipper, and Mabel. Once after the Pizzamatronic are defeated, Soos apologizes for the terrible date, but Melody forgives him. Soos then asks if she is interested in coming to his cousin's engagement party, to which she agrees, but unfortunately reveals she would be moving out of town soon after. Her and Soos then decide to remain in contact with a long-distance relationship.

Melody makes a brief appearance in "The Love God", having a video chat with Soos. Later, at the very end of "Weirdmageddon Part 3: Take Back the Falls", it is revealed that she moves to Gravity Falls, now working at the Mystery Shack now that Soos has become the new manager.



  • Melody once dated a magician, which did not end pleasantly.

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