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Background information
Feature films The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea
Television programs
Video games The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea (playstation)
The Little Mermaid II Pinball Frenzy
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Tara Strong
Performance model
Inspiration Ariel
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Princess Melody
Mel-Mel (when stutters by trying to say her name)
Personality Intrigued, headstrong, intelligent, curious, stubborn, tomboyish, adventurous, shy, persistent, determined, brave, spunky, cute
Appearance Slender, 12 years old, fair skin, long black hair tied by a green rubber band in a ponytail, blue eyes
(in her human form): Both white pantalets and camisole, barefoot
(in her mermaid form): White tank top, orange-pink tail
Occupation Princess
Alignment Good
Goal To someday fulfill her destiny of living beneath the waves instead of on land (formerly)
To foil Morgana (succeeded)
Home Prince Eric's castle
Relatives Ariel (mother)
Prince Eric (father)
King Triton (grandfather), Queen Athena (grandmother/deceased)
Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Adella, Alana, Attina (aunts)
Poseidon (great-grandfather)
Grandpa Neptune (great-great-grandfather/deceased)
Pets Sebastian (crab), Max (dog)
Allies Sebastian, Tip and Dash, Scuttle, Flounder, Max, Ariel, Prince Eric, King Triton
Enemies Morgana, Cloak and Dagger, Undertow
Likes Going to the sea, swimming, exploring, treasure hunting
Dislikes Rules, reprimands, secrets, her mother's lies, her mother forbidding her to go to the sea
Powers and abilities
Fate Vaporizes the wall that once separated the land from the sea with the help of her grandfather's trident.
Quote (sings) "Wish my mother could hear it, the sea is my song, for a moment, just a moment I belong."
(whispers to Sebastian) "Sometimes, I pretend, I have.... fins!"

Melody is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2000 feature film the Little Mermaid II: Return of the Sea, sequel to the 1989 film in the saga. She is the daughter of Princess Ariel and Prince Eric, the only known grandchild of King Triton and the late Queen Athena. She was voiced by Tara Strong.


Melody is a beautiful young 12 year old princess, in most of the movie she is seen wearing a white short sleeved top with a small green bow on the front and white leggings. she has long black hair tied back in a pony tail with a green hair band. she wears a golden seashell shaped locket that has her name written in golden running writing on it. At her birthday party she is wearing a pink ballgown with a light pink ribbon, pink shoes and a pink hair band that tied her hair back into a pony tail. at the end of the movie she is wearing a yellow dress. in the beginning Melody is a baby and is wearing a cute pink and white dress with a pink bow in her hair. As a Mermaid Melody wears the white short sleeved top and has a pinkish tail.

melody in her 'everyday clothes'
baby melody


Melody has a Kind and gentle personality. she is nervous around boys and gets upset easily when something goes wrong. she has a beautiful singing voice and makes friends easily. In the movie she is determend to find out about the locket she was given as a baby but her Mother wont tell her. she is desperate to find out the truth about the locket and runs away from home. she finds out she is half mermaid.

Role in the film

In the beginning of the film Ariel and Eric present their newborn Daughter Melody to the Merpeople and King Triton. KIng Triton Gives Baby Melody a locket with her name on it. but before King Triton could hand the locket to her a tentacle rose from the waves and snatched Melody from Ariels Arms. the tentacle belonged to Morganna, an evil sea witch the sister of Ursula. Morganna demanded the Kings Trident and threatened to harm Melody and feed her to her shark undertow if he dosent give it to her. Ariel grabbed Erics sword and cut a rope, Morganna was knocked into the water and let go of Melody. Luckily prince Eric got her before Undertow got to her. King triton turned Undertow into a mini guppy and Morganna got away. The king was furious, he demanded his Guards to find Morganna imeadiatly. later that evening there was no sign of Morganna. KIng Triton sadly explained the bad news to Ariel and Eric. Ariel was afraid that if she let Melody into the sea Morganna would get her, so she told her father that Melody had to stay away from the sea and Atlantica and the merpeople untill Morganna was found. The King let go of the locket and it sank down to the ocean. 12 years later a wall was built around the palace to stop Melody from going into the sea. but of course it didnt. on her 12th birthday she swam out to sea, she collected shells and talked to fish and dolphins. she also found her locket which she got as a baby. later that evening she and Ariel have an Argument about the locket and wont tell her about it. she runs away from home in  a small boat. Morganna finds out that Melody has the locket and sends Undertow out to bring her to her. Morganna tells Melody the truth about the locket and transforms her into a mermaid. she tells her that she can only remain a mermaid forever if she had her trident which she lied that it had been stolen from her years ago. she promished Morganna shed get the trident and she met a penquin named tip and a walrus named dash on the way who showed her to atlantica. Meanwhile King Triton turned Ariel into a mermaid so she could search for her missing daughter. 'i knew i couldent keep Melody from the sea its a part of her...and a part of me' she said. so while Ariel and King Triton searched for Melody, Melody stole the Trident and swam away just as Ariel and the King arrived. when he had found out that his trident was missing he was furious that Morganna would get it and take over the ocean. suddenly 2 manta rays swam over Ariels head. she reconised them and followed them to Morganna's icy cave. just as Melody was about to hand the trident to Morganna, Ariel swam in. Melody was shocked to see that her mother was a mermaid. she couldent believe that all those years her mother had lied to her about the sea, Ariel tried to explain that she was only trying to protect Melody she didnt listen and gave the Trident to Morganna. thats when Morgana told her that she had stolen from her own Grandfather. thats when Melody belived her Mother was telling her the truth. but it was too late. Morganna snatched Ariel and threw Melody into a hole and told her that her time as a mermaid was almost up. the covered the hole entrance with ice and swam off with Ariel. King triton and Eric arrived and Eric was shocked to see his wife captured. he damanded to know where his daughter was. suddenly he was pulled through the ice by the manta rays and ariel freed herself and swam down to save Eric. Meanwhile Melody was starting to turn back into a human. she held her breath and banged on the ice for help, tip and dash tried to save Melody but where stopped by Undertow, now a big shark, dash bravly jumped onto Undertow while tip lead him to the ice hole where Melody was and crashed through it just in time. they got Melody to the surface and by that time Morganna was using the Trident to force every one below her to  bow down to her. Melody got to her feet and bravely climbed up the mountain and threw herself at Morganna knocking the trident out her her hand and threw it to her grandfather. King Triton used his trident to freeze Morganna so she would never go near Ariel, Melody or anyone ever agian. later Eric carried his daughter back to Ariel. Melody apoligised and Ariel said she was sorry for keeping her away from the sea and told her she was their brave little girl. King Triton gave Melody the choice of returning to her home on land or coming to live in antlantica with him. Melody chose to use the trident to destroy the wall so they could all be together.


'oh sebastian i just cant help it... i just LOVE the sea!'

'(singing) for a moment... just a moment i BELONG'

'(sobbing) oh flounder... i ruined everything'

'do i have to do this?... everybody thinks im...wierd'

'oh grandfather!'

'ok mother's right...i can do this'

'now we can all be together!'


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