Melissa is Pete Stancheck's love interest in Herbie Goes Bananas.


She is Louise Trends' niece and was one of the passengers aboard the Sun Princess cruise. She and her aunt were having dinner when they first met Pete and Davy Johns. It is revealed in her introduction that she wants to be a doctor and is not a fan of racing cars. Unlike her aunt who's looking for a man (specifically Captain Blythe) she has no interest in finding romance until she meets Pete. At a costume ball she's dressed as a safari explorer and dances with Pete who is dressed in his racing overalls. It is at this point where they show a spark between each other and the two share there first kiss after Pete takes her back to her cabin.

She helps Pete and Davy on their search for Herbie and Paco who are being chased by three men. She also knows her knowledge of ancient architecture when she identifies the ruins as Inca. She is last seen with Pete and has now started a relationship with him.


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