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Melanie, Melrose, or Melissa "Mel" Winters is a character on Sonny with a Chance.

About Mel Winters


Mel was born on April 9, 1992 is clearly shown as a person who's not afraid that much to speak her own mind. Mel lives in the same building as Sonny upstairs, above her. At first, when Mel hears Sonny writing her song, she finds Sonny a little loud. Mel works as a waitress at The Patio, where she makes a deal with Sonny over $30 to see if Sonny could get a standing ovation. Mel appears to be a person who can "read" people, like Sonny and Chad can in previous old episodes. Mel could read Grady quite well, which means she's clearly good at it, just not under pressure. At the beginning, Sonny & Mel are kind of frenemies, but near the end when she talks to Sonny heart to heart about Sonny's unrealised feelings for Chad isn't yet out of her system which was why Sonny couldn't play in front of him.


Grady Mitchell

Clearly Mel and Grady like each other because of the constant flirting they both play at. At the end of New Girl, Mel speaks to him and walks away to get his drink, and says "He's such a dork, I LOVE HIM!"

Grady's reaction to a girl possibly liking him is his accent turns Scottish. and names himself Shamess McGregor.


  • At first, there were rumors going around that Mel's name was Nora, but it turned out to be Mel.
  • Although never actually said in the episode, Mel is credited with the last name "Winters."
  • In the beginning Mel is seen to not like Sonny becaus she is a noisy neighbor but when they talk about her feelings for Chad they start to become friends.
  • Mel likes Grady.
  • Sonny and Mel have somewhat a love-hate relationship.
  • Mel knows people, just like Sonny and Chad claim to.
  • Mel loves Grady.
  • It is possible Mel and Grady start dating, but not certain, as Mel only appears in the last episode of Sonny With a Chance.
  • Mel is voiced by Skyler Day.
  • Mel is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana.