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Megasis, also known as Captain Canine, is one of the main characters in Super Buddies.



It was told in a comic by Bartelby that after Drex sought to steal the rings and destroy Ispirion, Megasis chose to go protect the rings by retreating from his home planet. While Jorala was worried, Megasis promised that he would return to marry her.

When he crashes into earth, he realized that he lost the rings somewhere on Earth. He disguised himself as a dog (thinking that humans looked like them) and went through without detection. That was until later, he met a young boy named Jack Scaeiffer. Jack immediately learned that he could talk and after becoming his pet, Megasis told him that he was an alien and that he needed to recover the rings ASAP. The two decided to become superheroes, calling himself Captain Canine.

Role in the film

As years passed, Megasis and Jack were seen at a comic studio. They heard a signal about the rings finally being activated (thanks to the Buddies). He knew that they had to retrieved, because the signal also goes to Drexs ship. After the buddies saved a girl from a fire, he told them that because of the rings bonding to them, they were the only hopes of defeating Drex. He had them practice their superpowers on other animals.

Later at night, during the final battle, Megasis was severely electrocuted by Drex. After Drexs death, the buddies combined the ring's power and fully healed Megasis. When Jorala came by, Megasis returned to his old self, thanked everyone, and bid them them farewell. It was stated that the events with Megasis in the past were used as ideas for Jack's best-selling comic book series. He welcomed Monk-E to join them and they went back to Ispirion. He most likely married Princess Jorala at some point.

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