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Megan Brooke Russo is a supporting character, who appears in the Disney teen sitcom, Wizards of Waverly Place.


She is the paternal aunt of AlexJustin and Max and estranged sister of Jerry and Kelbo. Her personality is similar to that of Alex, because she is characterized as lazy, sarcastic, artistic and selfish but more so than her niece. She despises her family, because Jerry opted to give his powers to the much less qualified Kelbo. Afterward, she cut all ties with her family and magic, then moved to a loft in Paris, Texas where she "works" as a painter.

She was introduced in "Retest" where the Russo's try to convince her to retake the wizard competition; but Megan's bitterness with Jerry is ongoing and as a result she refuses to take the test. However, a lecture from Alex and Theresa managed to let her see past her grudge and become more willing to move on.



Megan is like Alex in many ways. They are both lazy, artistic, they hold grudges, and they both are aggresive. She has a little more of all of these traits than Alex does. Megan is also different from Alex. Alex will always stick together with her family, while Megan left and avoided her family after Jerry gave his wizard powers to Kelbo.


  • It is shown in the episode "Retest " that Megan and her brothers, Jerry and Kelbo, are parallel in personalities to Alex, Justin and Max respectively.
  • As Jerry's children are wizards even though he became a father after giving away his powers, any children that Megan might have in the future would also be wizards.

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