Megahertz is an antagonist in Mighty Med. He is Tecton's nemesis. Megahertz is a half-human, half-titanium cyborg formed because of an accident that happened in an abandoned power station.


He is hostile who is bent on destroying his nemesis Tecton, and Kaz for making fun of him. However, he appears to be good friends with Experion, he is somewhat sadistic even while being light hearted, such as taking a selfie of him blasting the guards with his electric bolts. Megahertz absolutely hates it when no one takes him seriously.

Megahertz doesn't seem to like being called Leslie, which is his real name.

Megahertz does have a sense of honor, however, as he was willing to grant Oliver one favor, as thanks to them for saving his life, but he warned them never to tell another soul or he would make them suffer.

Powers and Abilities


  • In real life, a Megahertz is a unit of electromagnetic wave frequency, which refers to Megahertz' electric powers.