Margaret "Meg" Murry is the protagonist of A Wrinkle in Time and its 2018 remake. She is the daughter of Dr. Alex (or Jack) Murry and Dr. Kate (or Dana) Murry. When her father disappears, she uses the tesseract to travel to the planet Camazotz to rescue him. While she succeeds, her brother, Charles Wallace, is left behind on Camazotz, his mind overtaken by the sinister technorganic being known as It (or Red). Meg manages to pull an act of true love to free Charles Wallace from It/Red's mind control, in the process also defeating It/Red.

While Meg starts out having trouble socializing and distanced from her family, her adventure allows her to both be more sociable and reestablish her bonds with her family.

Meg is just as smart as her parents, able to master complex technology and craft brilliant plans.