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"Meet the Werewolves" is the ninety-second episode overall and the fourteenth episode of the fourth season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


When Alex asks Mason if she can meet his parents, Mason shows his fake parents and she finds out soon after. She gets upset at Mason and demands him to take her to his real parents. Mason takes her to the Autumn Moon Feast (werewolf holiday) to meet his parents. Soon after that Alex finds out he told his parents that she is a werewolf and is frustrated. She uses a spell to change herself and Harper into werewolves. She tries to be the worst werewolf possible in front of Mason's parents during the feast. In the end Mason's parents like her as a werewolf and she says to him that they do not know the real her. She begins to leave and he says that he truly loves Alex to his parents and that she is a wizard. She changes back to a wizard and Mason turns back to human form. After the parents find out they try to eat her and Mason and Alex make a near escape. Meanwhile Max makes his parents' food taste like kid food in order to make it taste good. Afterwards Jerry and Theresa eat it, and as a result they act like little kids. Justin thinks he will have to fix it but Max comments on how he does not need help, as he will be the future family wizard. Max uses another spell on cookies to make them older, but they turn into teenagers. Finally, Justin uses a spell on a pizza to turn them back into their regular selves.


  • Put my stomach in a good mood, make this taste like kid food. – Turns someone into toddlers when someone eats something with the spell on.
  • Yummy cookies bring lots of cheers, gobble them up and add some years – Turns someone into teenagers when someone eats the cookies with the spell on.
  • Give us hair and fur and big old teeth for sure – Turns a person/people into a werewolf/werewolves.
  • Eatza Eatza magic pizza, change them back from head to feetsa – Turns someone back into their age when someone eats the pizza with the spell on.

Guest stars

  • Robin Riker as Linda Greybeck, Harry Van Gorkum as Grant Greybeck, Marianne Muellerleile as Molly and Eric Zuckerman as Bill

Special guest star

  • Gregg Sulkin as Mason


  • This episode was the second to be written by David Henrie, who plays Justin. This is the first time that Alex meets Mason's real parents.

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