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Recent blog posts

  • Olivier Baghdadi

    DC Comics has the Justice League. Marvel has the Avengers. Now, Disney has the Guardians of Creed. My very best video ever created and uploaded on Youtube yet!

    Join Mickey Mouse, Oliver, Dumbo, Aladdin, Hercules, and all your other favorite Disney heroes as they gather to protect the innocent, save the world, and battle against the forces of evil known as the Unit of Destruction.

    Enjoy the video! :)

    Warning: This video may not be available in all countries so don't be sad, upset, or disappointed i…

    Read more >
  • ScotchmerJa

    As a contributor to the Disney wiki, I intend to find any Disney references in any non-Disney media (you may have noticed me edit on the List of references in non-Disney television shows page). I also search for Disney references on other wikias. I hope my contributions are worth it. See you later!

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  • Bree Van de Kamp

    My Favourite Movies are: 

    ★ Dumbo 

    ★ Cinderella 1,3. 

    ★ Little Mermaid 1. 

    ★ Frozen (Fever.)

    ★ Jungle Book. 

    ★ Toy Story Series: 1-4. 

    ★ Cars. 

    ★ Inside Out

    ★ Tangled..

    ★ Avengers..🆒

    ★ What about u guys? 

    Comment Below..👇🏻

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  • Kittensrock123


    April 25, 2016 by Kittensrock123

    I know this is weird, but what if Neverland is representing Canada?

    So, the Indians. Duh! First Nations. They live in a camp, which is in Neverland, which is a forest with wheat fields(Saskatchewan), forests(BC, others) and mountains.

    And the Pirates? They are The Europeans, sailing on a ship.

    Don't comment hate stuff about this cause I'm Canadian.

    Read more >
  • Kittensrock123

    In Peter Pan, they say that kids never grow up. Peter Pan has been said to be more than 100 years old. Well, Neverland can't really be never, because it only existed in Wendy's dreams! Isn't that obvious?

    1. Neverland looked exactly like she imagined it. Well duh! It's because it's in a dream! She got over obsessed in Peter Pan and ended up getting a dream that looks exactly like the Neverland she imagined.

    2. In dreams, nobody grows up, and she "returns" to London right when the sun is starting …

    Read more >
  • Beethoven4ever


    April 20, 2016 by Beethoven4ever

    I still don't know why so many people hate Kylo Ren. Don't give me the answer that he's evil, because no one seems to have a problem with Darth Maul, Ursula, and Boba Fett being bad. He's not lousy, dense, or boring either. Just confused...

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  • Witnessme

    In preparation for the upcoming battle between the Evil Queen and the Ice Queen in The Huntsman: Winter’s War, we’ve decided to create a Disney Villains Bracket Tournament. The goal is to answer this question: Who is the strongest Disney villain? If you asked me right now which villain I’d vote for I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer. Why? Because they are all so good at being bad! There’s Maleficent, Captain Hook, Prince Hans, Ursula—and that’s only off the top of my head.

    So what are you wait…

    Read more >
  • Cloverfield monster

    Hello, friends, Cloverfield monster here. Well, the next installment of the DC Extended Universe is coming our way in August. It's called Suicide Squad . It features The Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and some other guys who's names I do not know, having to team up to save the world (yeah, we're doomed). This is no superhero movie. It's a superVILLAIN movie. But, this is nothing new. Other films have had the villains take the main spotlight. Here are some of my favorite films that do this. 


    Read more >
  • Ratigan6688

    Hey Guys. I've just seen The Lion Guard: Return Of The Roar today, and I thought I'd review it as well as the other parts of The Lion King franchise. You all know that I have praised it as one of my favorite Disney movies, but what about the other parts of the franchise (other than the Timon and Pumbaa show which I have already reviewed twice)? Eh, they are ok I guess, but the original Lion King will always be the best in my opinion. So what do I think of the other parts of the franchise? Well,…

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  • Rigby3000

    Lindsay and Bing Bong

    April 18, 2016 by Rigby3000

    (Bing Bong is sitting in an empty void with a pink light) 

    'Bing Bong:' I don't want Riley to forget me, I don't want to be forgotten. (cries candy)

    Lindsay: (off-screen) I know how you feel, Bing Bong.

    (Lindsay crawls up to Bing Bong and rests her head on his right leg)

    Lindsay: I once had the perfect boyfriend, Tyler was his name, and yet I was on the Screaming Gophers while he was on the Killer Bass, and Heather wouldn't let me go NEAR him! She bossed me around and cheated me until the biking ch…

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