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Recent blog posts

  • PrincessDiancie

    Zootopia fic

    November 24, 2015 by PrincessDiancie

    This takes place after Nick and Judy go to the DMV. Just my idea of what might happen afterwards.


    "Lighten up Judes, we've still got plenty of time to crack this case."

    "First of all, you do not have permission to use nicknames with me!" Judy spat. "Second, an innocent animal's life could be in danger, you idiot! We don't have time to be messing around!" She was of course referring to how Nick just had to crack that stupid joke, making their trip to the DMV take far longer than it should have.…

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  • RdHeaven


    So what if Inside Out was in Filipino? The title would be Baligtad. Blame Google Translate.

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  • Snowkitteh223

    So Here I Am

    November 19, 2015 by Snowkitteh223

    My name is Rebecca, I'm 13, and I love to sing, voice act, and draw. I'm a very talented singer, in my Chorus class, I'm a female soprano and the highest female singer in that class. I enjoy what I do, even having a YouTube channel with 42 subscribers. I love voice acting, I do voice acting for the My Little Pony fandom. 

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  • Cloverfield monster

    Welcome to another thrilling edition of Disney Fights. Today, we are going to be having a showdown between 2 of the most fearsome dinosaurs to hit the screens of 2015. However, only one will make it out alive. I know the movie isn't out yet, but I've been wanting to do this for a while, especially considering it's release is getting closer than ever.

    This could be a close one. From what we've seen in the trailers and clips of him, Butch seems to have taken on pretty much everything and anything…

    Read more >
  • MrBlonde267

    Do you have a diehard Star Wars fan in your life? We all have that one friend who constantly quotes Yoda and pretends everything is a lightsaber. As the holidays approach it may be hard for others to find something special to buy them. We're asking community members to submit your realistic (i.e. Jedi Bath Robe) and over-the-top gift ideas (i.e. Frozen in Carbonite mini-fridge).

    Feel free to submit your own gift idea on the Star Wars Fanpedia Gift Guide page and include a picture too!

    Read more >
  • Safeboy121


    November 12, 2015 by Safeboy121
    Read more >
  • Jon825lazery7

    Jury Duty

    November 12, 2015 by Jon825lazery7

    Attention, everyone, I need to tell all of you since I found last night.

    I've been summon to jury duty. I've been requested to be at the courthouse Friday 4th, on December. And, to more disappointment, the movie Krampus will be released on the same day I'm going to jury duty.

    So, I'm not sure I'll postpone it, but, on the day of jury duty and the film release, if I don't update, it means I choose jury duty over the film since it will be my first time doing something. So, don't ask or judge me!


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  • OrangeBird2013


    November 11, 2015 by OrangeBird2013

    The video editor for Disney Wiki/Wikia has not been working recently!!!
    So, has anybody been experiencing this problem lately?

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  • Carebearheart

    It is very important that our favorite frog and pig diva get back together! Won't anyone do something!

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  • Elephant777

    Hello Disney fans its me, Elephant777, and I’d like to address the issue that is currently dividing many Disney fans, film consumers, and the general public (when it doesn’t involve important thing like living). That subject is the drawn out war (pardon my pun) involving Traditional Animation vs. Computer Generated Animation. A debate brought by Walt Disney jr. on his forum “Disney making more Traditional Animated Film”, then reinforced in the forum along with a video of the same title “The tru…

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