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Recent blog posts

  • A Flipline Fan

    The first episode of Disney's Got Talent aired on August 16, 2018. It was the first of six auditions episodes. 10 characters from this episode proceeded to the Judge Cuts, and 5 characters were rejected. One character was sent straight to the Quarterfinals.

    Ub Iweks, Bob Iger, Alan Horn, and Roy Disney served as judges, and Walt Disney served as host.

    Donald Duck
    Temper Tantrum Thrower Yes Yes Yes Yes

    James P. Sullivan
    Comedian Yes Yes Yes No (Buzz)

    Flying Elephant Yes Yes Yes No

    Mike …

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hi everyone. I am feeling pretty bored tonight. I promised my friend Tigerfan45 that I would make a blog post where Riley Andersen watches The Jungle Book, so that's the subject of this blog. Besides, it's August, my favorite time of year to watch The Jungle Book. It works.

    Joy: "Yay! It's so much fun to play with Baloo and sing about The Bare Necessities?"

    Sadness: "Awwww Mowgli is sad because everyone wants to send him to the Man Village. He doesn't feel wanted or loved."

    Anger: "That Mowgli is …

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  • Austin012599

    Hey guys!

    It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

    Well, I thought I’d come by to make this post detailing my review on the title mentioned above. Yep, after so much time, and despite how much dislike I expressed because of an announcement made about it, I finally decided to give it a try. Let me tell you, I definitely found that whoever made the announcement apparently blew everything out of proportion, kind of like what liberals have often been doing with the Looney Tunes in the old days, because what I s…

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  • PinkSquid5

    To-Do List

    August 12, 2018 by PinkSquid5
    • I will try to fix any grammar mistakes consisting of misspelled words, inconsistent punctuation, incorrect captialization, and any misplaced sentences.
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  • Happy2432

    30 Things

    August 11, 2018 by Happy2432

    Wanna know my 30 Things? (You know, like they do on those interstitals?) Well, here they are! You can list yours below in the comments, if you'd like.

    1. Dancing!
    2. Having fun!
    3. SINGING!!!
    4. Listening to music
    5. The beach
    6. Amusement parks (Love Six Flags & Disney Parks!)
    7. Computers!
    8. Fashion
    9. Video games (Huge Nintendo fan!)
    10. Owen Wilson (sigh...)
    11. Getting fit
    12. Watching movies
    13. A sweet tooth (Loooooves chocolate!)
    14. Pink! Lots of pink!
    15. Horses
    16. Hanging with my mom
    17. PIXAR! I'm a HUGE FAN! (Cars is my fave)
    18. Boy bands (Fave: 1D!)
    19. Acting
    20. Bo…
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  • Alex2424121

    Over the last two years it seems that Disney's latest movies, shows and video games have been showing us everything we've been wanting to see when not so long ago it was all just fan fiction.

    • Disney Afternoon Easter Eggs/crossovers in the new DuckTales series.
      • Darkwing Duck
      • Adventures of the Gummi Bears
      • TaleSpin
    • Two television shows based on Tangled and Big Hero 6.
    • Frozen in the Kingdom Hearts III game.
    • All the Disney Princesses together in Ralph Breaks the Internet.
    • A sequel to The Incredibles.
    • Starco in Star vs.…
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  • Fishmonkey11

    Okay, I noticed that Duffy the Disney Bear needs more friends. If you have an idea for a new friend for Duffy and what park he/she be in there, Leave a comment below. It must be an animal!

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  • Happy2432

    I just saw Christopher Robin and it was nostalgic! It takes me back to my childhood just thinking about it. What are your thoughts after seeing the movie? Feel free to comment below.

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  • Jay Jay Viglirolo

    Here are my cast ideas for Live-Action Remakes of Disney Films:

    The Little Mermaid:

    Lindsay Lohan as Ariel

    Chris Evans as Prince Eric

    Sacha Baron Cohen as The Voice of Sebastian

    Jacob Tremblay as The Voice of Flounder

    Liam Neeson as King Triton

    Melissa McCarthy as Ursula

    Rosario Dawson as Vanessa

    Jack Black as The Voice of Floatsam

    Steve Buscemi as The Voice of Jetsam

    Chris Rock as The Voice of Scuttle

    J.K. Simmons as Grimsby

    Rebel Wilson as Carlotta

    Kumail Nanjiani as Chef Louis

    Snow White and The Seven Dwar…

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  • LegalizeAnythingMuppets

    Well, with Disney's Christopher Robin coming out in a few days, thought maybe I might want to give my personal thoughts about Chris O'Dowd's initial performance of Tigger in the film. Let's talk about the characters that are going to be voiced by UK actors and actresses in the movie. There's Rabbit, Owl, Kanga and Roo and Piglet. Now I know some of you think are thinking "Hey! What about Tigger? Chris O'Dowd was going to do Tigger in that movie! Get your facts straight!" And while I applaud you …

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