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Recent blog posts

  • SailorSedna052

    It's been a while and so far Nick has been rehashing the same topics from past power rangers series. At least Disney had something original. IF Disney get it back what topic do you think they should do? Or better yet, put in the comics what do you think the newest series of Power Rangers will look like. For my, I'm planning to write a fanfic where Disney's Descendents characters becomes the Power Rangers. What do you think?

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  • Jethawk1976

    According to The Secret Library, Sofia has to save Calista who will become the chosen wearer and keeper of the "Magic Dragon" gemstones.

    Flavet: A magical female red dragon (looking a little bit like Flambeau, but colored red) released from the "Magic Dragon" gemstones and becomes Calista's guardian. Her magical firepowers are so fast and strong. She can even desguise herself into any kind of animal using these powers.

    The Magic Dragon: Two magical gemstones consisting of the "Dragon Heart" colla…

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hey everybody. Tonight, I am going to countdown my top 5 favorite Mickey Mouse costumes. There won't be any details talked about since they know just costumes. But hey, I can make a blog on Mickey Mouse cartoons if you prefer. Anyway, what are they?

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  • Jackalopes

    Tod and Vixey Edit

    February 16, 2017 by Jackalopes
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  • Princess prepared

    While I was with my band, we were listening to this amazing tuba player named Oystein Baadsvik. And I was really inspired (because I'm a tuba player-in-training) by how he can play so well. His music made me come up with this amazing story idea and I hope you like it.

    14 years ago, a woman runs through a forest and is trying to escape from a shadowy figure. She soon finds a cave and places the child that she was holding there and never returns. A traveling young wizard named Aric gets lost in th…

    Read more >
  • Princess prepared

    Disney Dreams

    February 12, 2017 by Princess prepared

    Ever since I was a little girl I felt like I didn't belong. I was always bullied and told a million times that I will never be noticed. I was always a shadow to the people I thought were friends until one day I watched the movie Mulan for the first time. I was inspired by her. She risked her life to save her dad and her people. I noticed that she was different from the other princesses at that time and I was able to see myself in her. We were both similar because we both were girls who didn't w…

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  • 867239

    The Brave Boy

    February 12, 2017 by 867239

    |starring = Pierce Gagnon
    Ashton Kutcher
    Winona Ryder
    Jane Fonda
    Joaquin Phoenix
    Russell Crowe
    Isla Fisher
    Robert De Niro
    Mia Talerico
    Bruno Mars
    Megan Fox
    George Clooney
    Helena Bonham Carter
    Sylvester Stallone |music = Thomas Newman |cinematography = |editor = |studio = Walt Disney Pictures
    Pencil Entertaiment, Inc. |distributor = Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures |release = December 14, 2018 |language = English |website = }}

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  • Jethawk1976

    The story begins at Royal Prep’s Sorcery Class were Cedric already received a message from Miss Flora to step in as substitute teacher for the second time, earning lots of respect and warm welcome from the students.

    Meanwhile at Royal Prep’s Dance Class, Miss Elodie is planning a new play about a legendary brave sorcerer and the love of his life. The tryouts are almost complete, but still looking for one person to play a sorcerer and another person to play his love life.

    During her coffee break, …

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  • ChristinaGrimmieLove

    This is something I cannot stand at the moment. Remember the bright happy cartoon Jungle Junction from Playhouse Disney? Well, I was curious about one of the characters named Bungo, which is a bunny. Not aware of the things I would see, I decided to look Bungo up. I expected a bright, peaceful character. But what did I get instead? THAT ROLLIE THINGY RIGHT THERE ------------------------------------------------------->



    Read more >
  • Ratigan6688

    Hello everyone. As requested by my Wiki friend Tiger45, I am doing another musical ranking blog. But which Disney film am I covering tonight? I did Frozen, The Lion King, Beauty And The Beast, Aladdin, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, and Hercules. Tonight's film is...Mulan! The star who brought honor to us all in many ways, one of which is her movie's songs. Although I don't have a particular favorite that instantly pops up like some of the other ones I've done, I still enjoy th…

    Read more >

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