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Recent blog posts

  • 3Disney6Fan5

    Gone too far?

    August 28, 2016 by 3Disney6Fan5

    Do you think that Warner Bros., DreamWorks, and any other potential Disney-hating companies have pushed these insults WAY too far? And should Disney take any legal actions to fix this?

    The evidences:

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  • Mrs. Gasoline

    I am basing this off of Colton Haynes' Big Brother blog. The reason why I'm doing this in the first place is so that us Disney Wikians can have something fun other than chat; no offence to all who like editing. But I truly believe that those of us that don't know each other that well can find something to bond over! Or, and this is the actual reason; I need something fun to do when I don't wanna be in chat. :p 20 users are allowed; once 20 users have submitted admissions, the auditions will clo…

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  • MLP fluttershy

    my personal opinion

    August 27, 2016 by MLP fluttershy

    Disney has made wonderful, thought out characters. However, I feel lately they make characters and shows just to make money. Lion guard is one example, it makes zero sense because in the lion king 2, kion was never shown. Now, in this tv show he exists out of nowhere. Jafar twin sis is another example. She was never mentioned or anything in all 3 movies. I refuse to believe it as a part of the movie. 

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  • DatOneMarvelFanGirl

    My Username.

    August 25, 2016 by DatOneMarvelFanGirl

    Recently I changed my username by making another account. I want you to know it wasn't sock puppeting. I just didn't feel like looking uphow to change my username and then do fancy stuff that would take like..... 5 years. So yeah. 

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  • Cloverfield monster

    Greetings friends. Cloverfield monster here back again to talk about some amazing stuff. Today's list is on cancelled projects I find the most interesting. There are some projects that were indeed being planned, but eventually just never got past the planning stages. This can also apply to films that ACTUALLY WERE released, but had an entirely different plot originally. Today's list calls out cancelled projects or original versions of released films that never came to be. So, without further ad…

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  • BooKyloRen
    Read more >
  • Ratigan6688

    Hey Guys. I've been wondering what I could do for a blog post lately, and I thought of what I could do-Disney Friendships! Friendship is important as we all know. We need someone close so we can talk to, have fun, help each other out, all that warm stuff. It's like my Mom always says; Friends are your chosen family. And frienship is the subject of my blog tonight. There are a lot to choose from the Disney Universe, and I did have a little trouble filling up the 10 list, so some choices might be…

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  • Billy Cope

    Elena and the Secret of Avalor: A Theory of the upcoming special.

    The Royal Family of Enchancia is hosting a spectacular Royal Ball at the castle with every Royal Family in the Tri-Kingdom, Sofia's friends, and Admiral Hornpipe in attendence. Suddenly, an elderly man enters the room and asks to speak to the current Storykeeper. Everyone is confused by all this except Sofia who steps forward and says it's her. When he sees the Amulet of Avalor around her neck he states "It is you!" The man introd…

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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

    I am here to say I am a stupid idiot, who is very opinionated. I agree with my statement of what I said in my last blog post, but I still love the wikia, and I love the chat. I probably lost a bunch of friends for having an opinion, but it happens to everyone I guess. I'll probably be back on tomorrow. If you're still offended by my opinion, I honestly don't care. I'll just be that girl on the wiki everyone hates. 

    Gracie the Lazy, and very Crazy lady

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  • GracieLazyCrazy2115

                                   Hello. I am leaving the wiki, (Or the wikia in general) temporarily. The reason why is because an arguement that happened today. It is not because I am sad or regret what I said or anything. The reason why is because I'm not aloud to have an opinion anymore. I have to keep my mouth shut when someone is saying stuff not a lot of people agree with, and we people don't say anything. Want to know why? This is because we do NOT want to start a fight. Today, one of the …

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