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Recent blog posts

  • 763492

    I came up with my fan-made possible idea of what Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going to be in the future. In my head, it will be renamed into Disney-Turner Movieverse which will be jointly owned by Disney and Turner (a TimeWarner company) and themed to movies and TV shows from Disney, Turner and others. And I even made a my fan-made idea list of lands attractions, etc. that I hope you will enjoy looking at those.

        * = still remain

          % = already existed

           # = from rumors

    Hollywood Boulev…

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hi guys. I'm sorry to say, but there has been a negative blog that's been buzzing in my head that I need to conquer. There have been past stories, whether books, movies, or TV Shows where there are characters who are very mean and act unfair, villains, ant-heroes, or even main characters. And sometimes their jerky deeds bother me so much that I just wish I could give them a piece of my mind! I'm sure some of you might have felt that way towards characters like Chi-Fu from Mulan or the Duke of W…

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  • Cheekymonkey13091990

    My Favourite Characters are

    1. Princess Sofia
    2. Pirnce James 
    3. Prince Hugo 
    4. Prince Frederick 
    5. Prince Rupert
    6. Prince Zandar
    7. Prince Desmond 
    8. ​ Princess Vivan 
    9. Clover 
    10. Crackle 
    11. Mia
    12. Robin 
    13. Minius
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  • Amontgomery1432

    Welcome, welcome! It's time for another episode of Epic Rap Battles of Disney, the place where all of your dreams come true...If your dreams are your favorite Disney characters battle rapping each other. If so, you've come to the right place! Click here for the first battle of the series if you haven't seen it already. If you've read it and are here for this one, then great! Just stick around and you'll get what you wished for. This idea is, actually, one I came up with myself. I really like th…

    Read more >
  • K9luvthatLeo

    Hello, I made a new wiki called:"Create OCs! Wikia". To get on there, rather go to my userpage and press "Create OCs! Wikia" or look up "Create OCs! Wikia" on Google(Please read rules on the main page before editing, thank you).

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hi everyone, I am back yet again. Recently, I wrote a blog based on any animated movie from Africa that I enjoy. This time I am writing one about China. Now this one will be a little different than usual. Two (or actually 3) sections will be good movies that I like that take place in China, and the 3rd and 4th will be from video game series, but I'll get to that when I get to that. Anyway, despite some of the sexist cruelty that I personally despise (but to be honest, I despise that anywhere), …

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  • 763492

    About Tsum Tsum

    July 26, 2015 by 763492

    I was thinking about those Tsum Tsum toyline, yes I know it foucesed on Disney characters, but I would if those brand would also includes non-Disney characters like DreamWorks, Warner Bros., Universal, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Cartoon Network, Fox, Sony, etc. if Disney would get the rights to use them.

    What would you think? Why or why not?

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  • Cloverfield monster

    Greetings, friends. I have another upcoming movie to state my opinion on. This time it's a Marvel movie. It's the latest in a series of films I react that have some similiarities to a Disney movie (as Pixels was to Wreck-it Ralph) or being another movie about a property Disney adapted once (as it was with Pan and Jungle Book: Origins ). In this case, it's because it's about a Marvel property (plus, these four, and Dr. Doom, have appeared in a few Disney-Marvel productions on TV on Disney XD). I'…

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  • The great luigi

    Hello I'm here to help the wikia and make new pages.

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  • Ratigan6688

    Hey my fellow wikians. A blog lightbulb shined in my head. We have been noticing a lot of similarities between characters, but then I thought-why not put down similarities between movies. I often think about that a lot, especially when I think about certain black diamond video releases from 1991 and 1992. And this is where I am putting them down, even some of the smallest details. Now before I do, I will just explain a few rules. 1. A movie and its sequel will not count, because its too obvious…

    Read more >

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