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Recent blog posts

  • Austin.stitzel.9

    Do you have any Red Shirts?

    Have you said "Oh Bother" before?

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  • Reimeille

    Why don't we? Or at least, why don't people respond as much :( they're so much fun to make and read

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  • Cloverfield monster

    With the release of Big Hero 6, Disney took a serious chance with ressurecting a relatively obscure franchise like this (albeit they changed absolutely everything about it, but still), so could it be possible for them to try to take on other obscure franchises that have long been forgotten. If so, here are some recommened picks for obscure franchises for Disney to reboot. 

    Who wouldn't want to watch this? The story of the original Street Sharks cartoon revolved around 4 human guys that get trans…

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  • Alex2424121

    As Sofia the First has become quite a success and full of favourites for everyone, I have decided to bring up a voting and look back on your most favourite episodes of Season One.

    A voting for the Season Two episodes will be written after the second season finishes or sooner.

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  • Iamthefallencause

    This is the sequel to the Golden Lioness film. Shortly after the events of that one, Kiara gains a new brother Kion, and witnesses the return of Kopa, knocked out in an avalanche long ago and assumed dead. The film focuses on the tension between Kopa and her husband Kovu and her attempts to prevent the mistrust between them from sending the kingdom into civil war. It also features a friendship that grows between Kion and Vitani which will play a critical role in films 6 to 12. It will focus on …

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  • 763492

    When it come to the world of theme parks, Disney is much bit like Universal Studios by producing attractions and rides based on outside properties for thier theme parks like for expemple: they have bought the rights of Avatar, for Fox by creating the upcoming Avatar-themed land for Walt Disney World, a current attraction like Tower of Terror ride based on the show Twilight Zone, a closed attraction based on Fox's American Idol series, properties before later on bought by Disney like Lucasfilm (…

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  • Raritylunacelest

    Santa clause 4

    December 11, 2014 by Raritylunacelest

    They're should be a santa clause 4 with tim allen AND martin short. With jack frost all frozen up again.

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  • Merida10

    This Christmas I won't be in England. My family and I will be returning back to San Francisco in California for a huge family reunion where we will all be celebrating Christmas together! It will be really exciting because we haven't visited home in six years! It may also be my great grandmas last Christmas with us so it's going to be extra special. I have been e-mailing my cousin Brittany about how excited I am to come! In fact, we have xchanged emails about our excitement for months now!!! I l…

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  • Dlrgirl75

    Place your votes for Dlrgirl75's Winter-Avatar (remainder of December).

    Characters in suggestions will be wearing a winter costume, (voting ends December 12).

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  • Twilight Merryray

    Low Battery

    December 8, 2014 by Twilight Merryray

    Remember that scene in Big Hero 6, the one where Baymax has a low battery, uttering the infamous lines of "Hairy baby," and "We jumped out a window"? I know I cracked up at that entire scene, and my whole family joined me in laughing until we cried. But it seems that a few people (you might not be one of them, but they still exist) didn't find that scene amusing at all. Just because Baymax acts like he's drunk. I have seen comments containing declarations like, "That was disturbing and totally …

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