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Recent blog posts

  • Bebeksa

    ===I remember the first Disney movie I've ever watched was 'The Lion king' and I immediately fell in love with it

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  • ZanyDragon

    Disney acquiring next

    March 27, 2015 by ZanyDragon

    First LucasFilm Ltd., then Marvel... What'll Disney acquire next, Sega or something?

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  • Petters2

    Though Volkswagen’s Passatt won “Car of the Year” at this year’s Geneva auto show, it’s not what’s bringing in the crowds. Every year car enthusiasts gather to see the most outrageously priced, shiny supercars money can buy. They weren’t disappointed. Here’s a look at five cars that are getting most of the attention.
    Ferrari 488 G TB

    It’s no surprise to see a Ferrari make the list. The company has a long history of racing and they channeled all of it into this turbo charged V-8 engine that can ac…

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  • Scrooge MacDuck

    So, inspired by the Little Mermaid Timeline from another contributor, here's my Peter Pan serie timeline. 

    1. Somewhere in the XVIIIst Century: Birth of Tinker Bell, and then all the films of the Tinker Bell spin-off serie. In the XVIIst century because Hook as an archaic accent to indicate that he is from the Golden Age of the Pirates, and that we see him young in one of the film. 
    2. 1903/1910: Peter Pan (no date is given in the film, but in its 2002 sequel, we see a grown-up Wendy in 1939, so I think…

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  • Movimationguy

    In every Winnie the Pooh movie, short, or TV episode, Christopher Robin's accent varies. I'd like to debate over that in this blog post. In most of his appearances his accent is English, but in the first short and animated series his accent is American. In my opinion, he looks more American than English from his design in most of the appearances, except for the 2011 film. In that film, I think the English accent fits his redesign. That's all just me, however. How about you?

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  • Snowyclaw

    "Hiro, Hiro!" Honey Lemon cried. "Oh my gosh! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for you!"

    "Snowy! Get behind me." Hiro whispered to Snowy.

    "Um, What's with the formal clothes?" Honey asked Hiro curiosly.

    "Uhhh, I have.... premotion...... at my....... old school?" Hiro said nervoulsly.

    "Oh. GREAT! Oh my gosh! We're coming to, right?" she then asked.

    "Oh DARN!" Hiro said as frustrated as he could. "I forgot to reserve a seat for you all."

    "It's ok duuude." Fred started. "We have a party tonight. Remember?" …

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  • Tigerfan45

    What's up, guys? Tigerfan45 here and I'm back again. Today, we we'll be taking a look at the films from the Revival era. I know I might have already told some of you I would do the Dark Age after I did the Renaissance, but, I changed my mind. I'm gonna skip Big Hero 6 until I've rented it. Keep in mind that this is all my opinion. So, without further ado, let's get started.

    Let's start with the film that started this era, The Princess and the Frog. I must confess that I didn't see this in the the…

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  • Raritylunacelest


    March 24, 2015 by Raritylunacelest

    Happy Birthday Martin Short !!!!! You are funny, very good looking,a great singerand one of the greatest actors ever. I hope this birthday is your best yet!!! My favorite movie from you is the santa clause 3. I look forward to my future luaghs from you. P.s. Could you possibly guess star on My Little Pony? That would be awesome!

    Let's all wish one of the most funniest people ever a wonderfull,blessed birthday!!!!!!!! :) ; )

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  • Snowyclaw

    "Hello!" Hiro walked up to Snowy.

    "Oh Hiro!" Snowy walked up to Hiro. They stood together and kissed.

    "Hiro!" GoGo screamed.

    "What?" Hiro asked GoGo.

    "YOUR KISSING SNOWY?!? Man that hurts me." GoGo fumed.

    "I see no evidence of physical pain." Baymax said to GoGo.

    "No. Its inside." GoGo sat down on a bench.

    "Did you have a loss?" Baymax reached out to hug GoGo.

    "YES. No. I don't know." GoGo put her hands in her face.

    "I would like to help." Baymax made an attempt to sit down next to GoGo.

    "Snowy stole Hir…

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  • Snowyclaw

    Hiro: Kitten.

    Kitten: Yes?

    Hiro: I have a new girlfriend.

    Kitten: WHAT?

    Snowy: Thats right. Deal with it Kitten.

    Hiro and Snowy: *Kiss*

    Kitten after Hiro walks out of Kittens house:  THE WAR IS ON!

    Snowy: What war? *Licks her lips in memory of Hiro's kiss*


    Snowy: He did that himself.

    Kitten: He thought you were cuter!

    Snowy: No. He likes my attitude, and I like his.

    Kitten: Whatever.

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