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McKenna is a Webster Wolves cheerleader and student at Webster High School. She is one of Paisley and Lexi's friends and cheerleader. In the episode "CANTonese Style Cuisine", she was having a birthday party and invited all the other cheerleaders except Lexi. Lexi thought it was because she stole McKenna's boyfriends in 7th, 8th and 9th grade. However, it turns out that Lexi was in fact invited. Paisley was supposed to deliver the invitation to Lexi, but she was reading it upside down. So instead of it saying "LEXI", it said "IX37" and Paisley thought it was a robot. McKenna later had her party in the A.N.T. Farm with Chyna and Madam Goo Goo singing a birthday song for her. She is portrayed by Celesta DeAstis.


  • "CANTonese Style Cuisine" (First appearance)