McAllister Beelzebub Bugg[1], usually referred to as Mayor Bugg, is a recurring character in the Silly Symphony Bucky Bug newspaper comic serials. He is the mayor of Junkville and the father of June Bug

The mayor first appeared in The Quest for Fortune (1932), part of the long-running newspaper comic serial Bucky Bug, by Al Taliaferro and Earl Duvall. Here, June introduces Bucky to her father, the mayor of Junkville, who tells her that he doesn't want his daughter to get along with a "common tramp", and wants Bucky to get a job in order to earn his approval. In a later part of the serial (War With the Flies, 1933), Bucky asks June to marry him. However, June first wants her father to approve of the wedding before saying yes herself. The mayor tells Bucky that he would rather have his daughter marry an officer, and makes Bucky a general in the Junkville army. After Bucky has saved Junkville from an unexpected attack by the fly army, the mayor is definitely convinced that Bucky is a could husband for his daughter.

When Bucky returns from a visit to his parents, delayed by some unexpected adventures, he finds out that, due to Bucky's long absence, the mayor has appointed a new husband for his daughter. However, after Bucky wins a duel with the appointed husband, he finally marries June and settles down in Junkville.

Mayor Bugg returns in the later comics featuring Bucky and his companions. His rich old aunt Countess Bug visits the family in Way Out West (1945), but is kidnapped on the way. In Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 79 (1947), Mayor Bugg's little son Junior Bug arrives in Junkville by train, and causes a lot of mayhem in the city.

Nowadays, Mayor Bugg mainly appears in Dutch Disney comics.


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