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Maxine "Max" Morticia Edlstien is a minor and recruiting character of the Disney Channel's Original Series, Dog With a Blog. She is a friend of Avery and Lindsay.


Max is shown to be a negative pessimistic person, whom also possesses a sarcastic attitude and a bit of sass. She also speaks in a very monotone fashion, and states she wants to date a weird and unique person in Avery B. Jealous. Overall, she is a very nice person.


Avery Jennings

Avery is one of Max's best friends. They get along really well and hang out together a lot.


Lindsay is one of Max's best friend. They know each other really well and they get along really well.

Karl Fink

Max and Karl went to a school dance with Avery and Lindsay and danced with each other in Avery-body Dance Now.

Episode Appearances

Season Two

  • Too Short
  • Good Girl Gone Bad
  • Howloween
  • Avery B. Jealous
  • Avery-body Dance Now
  • Love, Loss and a Beanbag Toss
  • Stan Gets Schooled

Season Three

  • Guess Who Gets Expelled?
  • Avery VS Teacher
  • Stan Falls in Love
  • Avery Makes Over Max
  • Guess Who's Getting Cheated On
  • Guess Who's Dating Karl


  • She is usually seen wearing black clothing, with the exception of Howloween, where she wore a coffee barista costume to Avery's Halloween party.
  • Max can be very negative, as proven by her nature.
  • She is very similar to Jade West from Victorious, and is slightly similar to Rosie from Jessie.
  • She hates dances, organized sports, and musical theater (Avery-body Dance Now).
  • Max may be dating Karl Fink, as of Avery-body Dance Now. In Guess Who's Dating Karl, she actually starts dating him.
  • She is fond of Turkmenistan folk music because she thinks it's "gloomy" (Love, Loss and a Beanbag Toss).
  • She has an older sister named Becca that "turned her back" on their family and moved in with her husband (Love, Loss and a Beanbag Toss).
  • She was hoping that Stan was a Teen Wolf (Stan Gets Schooled).

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