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Max Dennison is the protagonist of the Halloween comedy-drama fantasy film Hocus Pocus.


Like Kenny Binder in Ernest Scared Stupid, Max encounters two bullies from his school before facing supernatural foes on Halloween. (Max faces Jay and Ernie, but the The Sanderson Sisters later. In Kenny's case, he encounters Mike and Matt Murdock. He faces Trantor and other trolls later.


The following exchange between Max and his father tells more about his character-

Max, we moved here so you and Dani could live in a safe, clean environment."

"Well if it's so safe and clean, why can't she go trick or treating by herself?"

"Because She's 8 years old!"

"But, Dad, I'm 16!"

"15!... Max, Dani is counting on you. Bring a friend along."

"All my friends are in California, Dad."

"What about Allison? I hear you're crazy about..."

"I can't believe she told you! She blabs her fat mouth about my personal stuff and you expect me to take her trick or treating... well, forget it, Dad."

"That's fine. And you can forget about your learner's permit until next year."

"Unfair, totally unfair!"

"I never told you life was fair. Max, suit up."


"Dani expects you to wear a costume."

"You're kidding, right?"

"And, Max, don't scare Dani. She'll get nightmares."

"My life is a nightmare.

―Deleted scene


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