Max is a supporting one-time character in Stanley. He only appears in the episode "Look Who's Helping." He is a cousin of Stanley Griff, but which of Stanley's parents' side of the family is unknown. He is in a wheelchair, so some of the things he can't do by himself, a Golden Retriever dog of his named Molly does for him, such as flipping light switches and using doors. They appear at the family reunion.

Max has something in common with each of his cousins: like Stanley, he loves animals, as again, he owns a dog named Molly, and he'd like to be a veterinarian; like Lionel, he's great at playing the guitar. Also, he's good at changing guitar strings and tuning them.

Max speaks (and sings) in this episode, but it is unknown who did either of his voices.

Role in Episode

Grandma Griff introduces Stanley to Max, who makes a nice basketball shot. They then play basketball. As they talk, Stanley asks if he has any pets. Not only does Max say yes. He points to her. Stanley asks for permission to pet her, and Max agrees. When Stanley pets Molly, she licks him, and he equally compares her "kissiness" to Grandma's. Max demonstrates Molly's status as a service dog by dropping his video game console, and having her fetch it. He thanks and pets her. Max talks about more things Molly can do, and mentions that when he was hospitalized (for reasons unknown), he met a girl who could not use her limbs and therefore got help from a Capuchin monkey who did certain things for her. Since Stanley can't show what Capuchin monkeys are like to Max, Dennis prompts him to use the Great Big Book of Everything. Only in the middle of mentioning it, Harry and Elsie pop in and start singing its theme song. Max calls them animal helpers, but Dennis doesn't think so, because "some of us just sing." When Stanley looks into the book, Max points to the smaller one whose tail was, as mentioned by Dennis, as long as the rest of its body. Max is skeptical about the idea of "going into the book" because he doesn't know it can happen, but Stanley proves it.

In the book, showing that they are in the South American rainforest, Stanley introduces his stanoscope to Max.

After this adventure, Stanley introduces Max to Lionel, who is unhappy about his guitar string being broken. To Lionel's amazement, as mentioned above, Max is good at playing guitar... and more so, he is able to change strings and tune them up, so the three boys perform together, including Stanley only on vocals.