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"Max's Secret Girlfriend" is the seventieth episode overall and the nineteenth episode of the third season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


Alex and Harper find out that Max has a girlfriend named Nancy Lukey, but has been keeping it a secret so not to get embarrassed by his family. Later Theresa finds out about it and admonishes him for lying. Since he took his mother's advice, he tells Nancy his secret about being a wizard. The Russos then make up another lie to cover the truth, and Nancy breaks up with him because Max keeps on lying to get her to like him.


  • Make us old and barely alive, age us up to thirty-five – Changes a person's appearance to look thirty-five

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  • When Max says "Yeah I didn't tell her about the dragon dog 'cause I still have no idea what happened to that.", he is referring to Dragon, a pet dragon disguised as a dog, which Theresa lets them keep in the season 1 episode "Curb Your Dragon". Also, when Alex says,"Tom Sawyer, that's such an obvious lie. It is the name from the Rush song", she is referring to a real song performed by Canadian rock band Rush. When Alex and Justin are pretending to be Max's "Sawyer" parents, Alex calls herself Diane Sawyer, named after the anchor of ABC World News. When Max tells his family about telling her their secret, Justin says "We cannot be wizards exposed", which would later become the name of the season 3 finale.

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