Maurice Mattressface is a character created by Carl Barks, associate of Mister Molay in the International Money Council, the modern Templars.

He first appears in the Carl Barks story The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone, as a mysterious character who appears in every place where Uncle Scrooge finds some clue about the stone's whereabouts. After Uncle Scrooge finds the stone in the labyrinth in King Minos' palace, he returns to the hotel where he turns everything into gold. Mr Matressface sees this and deduces they have already found the Philosopher's Stone and tries to reach Scrooge, only to be captured by Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Mr Matterssface explains to the kids that they must take the stone away from Scrooge or he will turn himself into gold. They manage to stop Scrooge in a junkyard where he was turning everything into gold, and Mr Mattressface leaves with the Philosopher's Stone.

Mr Mattressface re-appears in two Don Rosa stories, The Crown of the Crusader Kings and The Old Castle's Other Secret or A Letter From Home, both times alongside Mister Molay. Unlike Molay, Mr Mattressface is still loyal to his cause in each story, never seeking personal gain.

In A Letter From Home, Scrooge trusts him the Templar treasure.