Maurice Auguste Chevalier (1888-1972) was a French actor, singer, entertainer, and a noted Sprechgesang. He played Jacques Paganel in In Search of the Castaways and Father Sylvain in Monkeys, Go Home!. In 1933, he was caricatured by Disney himself in the Silly Symphonies short Mickey's Gala Premier. His last performance before his death was the opening title song in The Aristocats.

His connection to Disney did not end there, however. Years after his death, he was the inspiration for Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast. Lumiere's personality reflected the suave ladies' man Chevalier was famous for playing in his early career, and his facial features, voice and singing style were all based on him, including Chevalier's trademark "Aw-haw-haw" laugh.