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Maui's fish hook is an magical item that will appear in Moana. It belongs to the demigod Maui.


The fish hook is a sizable bone weapon that Maui has used throughout his exploits as a demigod, and is stated to have considerable magical abilities. Like its owner, the fish hook has elaborate markings engraved on it representing the various tales and adventures it has been used in.

According to Maui, he used the fish hook to slow down the sun itself, pull islands out of the sea, and battle colossal monsters. Aside from being a weapon, Maui also uses the fish hook in his dances and performances, swinging it around himself as he does so.

The hook itself disappears into Maui's animal body whenever he shapeshifts, as its shape is seen on the wing of Maui's bird form.


  • In Polynesian folklore, the fish hook was fashioned from the jawbone of Maui's grandmother Muri-ranga-Whenua.
  • Many of the stories Maui mentioned using the fish hook in allude to the legends the mythological Maui was involved with.
  • There is a constellation named Manaiakalani, the name of the fish hook in Hawaiian versions of the Maui myth.
  • The fish hook can be seen on the side of Finnick's van in Zootopia.


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