Matthew Garber (March 25, 1956 - June 13, 1977) was a British child actor who played Michael Banks in Mary Poppins, Geordie McNab in The Three Lives of Thomasina, and Rodney in The Gnome-Mobile. Coincidentally, his fellow actress in them all was Karen Dotrice, who had starred alongside him in Mary Poppins.

Garber died on June 13, 1977 at the age of 21 in London, England from pancreatitis as a result of eating raw meat while on a trip in India. In a later interview on Mary Poppins, Dick Van Dyke, one of his costars in the film, said that when they filmed the I Love to Laugh scene, he was afraid of going up on the wires and was paid a penny every time he had to do it.

Garber was posthumously named a Disney Legend in 2004 and his younger brother, Fergus, accepted the award on his behalf.