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"Masters of Evil" is the fourteenth episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


Wasp is in pursuit of who seems to be Whirlwind, but actually turns out to be Enchantress in disguise, luring Wasp into a trap to be ambushed by the rest of the Masters of Evil.

Later, at Avengers Mansion, Crimson Dynamo ambushes Tony Stark before he can reach his armor, Enchantress sends Hulk to Jotunheim, and Captain America is defeated by a double team of Executioner and Wonder Man. When Thor arrives, he is surrounded and captured.

While Baron Zemo gloats about his victory over Captain America and Enchantress teases Thor, Abomination reminds them that there are two new Avengers: Black Panther and Hawkeye, who come to the rescue of their teammates. They are defeated and captured, but it turns out they were actually buying time for Ant-Man to retrieve a particle splitter from his lab to deal with Wonder Man.

The captured Avengers are freed and Thor brings Hulk back from Jotunheim. Bth teams have an epic battle until the Masters of Evil decide to escape. Cap doesn't think it's opver yet, as Zemo as previously said someone promised him the world.

While Abomination argues with Zemo about their defeat, Enchantress goes to report a shadowy figure that everything goes according to the plan.


  • The scene of Wasp being ambushed by the Masters is very similar to the one with the Avengers at the beginning of Some Assembly Required, highlighting the fact that both teams are counterparts to each other.

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