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Master Soo is an old deity who reigns over the village in the series Pucca. He lives in an enormous palace in the clouds where he is pampered by beautiful handmaidens, like hits in the column, massages on the butt and relaxing treatment. He acts as a being of all knowledge and often referees competitions, as shown in "Ping Pong Pucca", "Sooga Showdown" and "Gold Medal Garu". When he does come down to Earth, he rides on a small cloud, usually with some of his maidens in tow. Master Soo has the ability to shoot bolts of lightning from both his hands and the magical staff he carries. His accent and use of Yiddish colloquialisms may be indicative of Master Soo being of the Jewish faith. In "Woolen Warrior", Soo is revealed to be one of the few legendary Fire Wasp Ninjas.

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