Marvel Superheroes Theme Park is a future 100-acre (0.40 square kilometers) Marvel theme park in Dubailand, that was expected to open in 2012. This park was originally announced in late 2007 by United-Emirate Based Al Ahli group theme park company and Marvel Entertainment. Since then, Disney bought the rights to Marvel for $4.24 billion on August 31, 2009. Since the Universal Studios parks have Marvel-based attractions at Universal's Islands of Adventure Park in Florida and at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Japan, Universal owns the rights to have Marvel attractions East of the Mississippi River in the United States and in Japan, but not elsewhere.

Park Layout

Themed Areas

The park will consist of four lands including City of Superheroes, Marvel's Mythic Mountain, Oasis of Magic, and Nick Neighborhood, all surrounding Crater Lake at the center of the park.

Confirmed Attractions

Most Marvel characters will have their own attractions including Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, and Silver Surfer. The park has three officially confirmed attractions, which all begun off-site testing:

  • Flying with Spidey
  • Fantasticar
  • X-Men: Danger Room


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