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Marvel Animation
Marvel Animation, LLC is an American animation production company. The Marvel Studios subsidiary was incorporated on January 25, 2008, to direct Marvel's efforts in animation and home entertainment markets.


On December 31, 2009, The Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Animation with parent company Marvel Studios as part of the Marvel Entertainment group for $4 billion. Both Marvel and Disney have stated that the merger will not affect any preexisting deals with Lionsgate or other production companies for the time being, although Disney said they will consider distributing future Marvel Animation projects with their own studios once the current deals expire. With the creation of the Marvel Television division in June 2010 within Marvel Studios, Marvel Animation will operate under Marvel TV's direction. In July 2010, Marvel entered into Marvel Anime Partners with Madhouse to develop and produce the Marvel Anime project that will take famous Marvel characters and reintroduce them for a Japanese audience in a 12-part series to start premiering on Animax (late 2010) in Japan and G4 in the United States.

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