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Maroon Cartoons
Type Cartoon Production Facility
Headquarters Hollywood
Founder(s) R.K. Maroon
Key people R.K. Maroon, C.B. Maroon
Industry Entertainment
Products Animated Feature Films
Area served Los Angeles, California

Maroon Cartoons is a fictional animation feature production studio located in Los Angeles, California from the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It is owned and operated by studio executive R.K. Maroon and produces hundreds of cartoon features daily. Among their most popular cartoons made are shorts starring Baby Herman and his co-stars Roger and Jessica Rabbit. The studio is one of the most venerated production facilities in Hollywood and is well connected with the industry's top studios (i.e., Disney, Warner Bros, etc.). Maroon Cartoons employs hundreds of people as well as animated characters.

Cloverleaf Scandal

Maroon once tried to sell the studio to Cloverleaf Industries in what was considered one of the biggest real-estate deals in California history. Cloverleaf, however, hatched a scheme to profit from monopolizing transportation in Los Angeles. The company attempted to acquire and dismantle the Red Car Trolley Line and the property of Toontown to build a freeway over it. However, once Marvin Acme's will was successfully retrieved, Toontown was safe from demolition.



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