Marisa is a character in Disney Channel's K.C. Undercover. She is portrayed by Veronica Dunne.


Unique and outgoing Marisa is K.C.'s trusted best friend who is always in the know about fashion, parties, and cute boys.


Marisa is very alive and perky. She enjoys parties, life and boys. Although she cares a lot for her looks and cute boys, she is always there and loyal to K.C.

Character History

In "Pilot" Marisa tries to convince K.C. to go to the school dance, but fails in doing so. Later, since K.C. needs to take Lincoln to the dance, she texts Marisa in what she needs to wear and she flies in with a bunch of dresses, happy for K.C.. Later at the dance, Marisa walks in on K.C. and Lincoln and winks at them, and walks away with the boy she was pulling around.

In "My Sister from Another Mother... Board" Marisa starts a gossip blog in the schools newspaper titled "Just Sayin". She hides in the girls bathroom and pretends to be prepping herself for 30 minutes, but fails. She wants to give up the column, but K.C. gives her advice not to. She gives up the column anyways.

Physical Appearance

Marisa has beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes. In school she is known to be very attractive. She is shown to be very often wearing dresses or skirts.


K.C. Cooper

K.C. is Marisa's best friend.



  • She is K.C.'s best friend.
  • She used to attend an all girl school before parents took her out.
  • She is always trying to convince K.C. to go to parties.
  • K.C.'s grandmother, Gale, thinks that she is a bad influence.
  • As of "Photo Bombed", she knows about K.C. being a spy.
  • She is similar to CeCe Jones in Shake it Up.
  • She knows The Cooper Family's Secret about being spies.
  • She doesn't know that Judy is a robot as of in Operation: Other Side Part 1.