This is how the Marie costumes have changed over the years in the parks.

Picture Year As seen at Notes
14551983 3
1973 Disney on Parade Before appearing in the Disney Parks, Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz made their probable first live appearances in the Disney on Parade show. They were actually shorter in size to match their animated versions and their ages and performed by shorter actors.
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2005 - 2013 Disneyland Paris Marie's fur is fluffy, her ears are curved, and her pupils are on the end sides. To date, she was the only Aristocats character to appear in the parks.
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2013 - present Disneyland Paris When Marie is joined by her brothers Toulouse and Berloiz, she now looks more like the animated version. Also, her pupils are on the bottom center, and her eyebrows almost come close to her eyes, and she has whiskers.