What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone
What doesn't kill you makes a fighter
Footsteps even lighter
Doesn't mean I'm over cause you're gone.
―Marianne singing "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"

Marianne is the protagonist of Strange Magic, and is the heir to the throne of the Fairy Kingdom. She is the eldest daughter of the Fairy King and is the older sister of Dawn. During her journey to rescue her sister, Marianne and the Bog King fall in love and unite the separate kingdoms. She is voiced by Evan Rachel Wood.


Physical Appearance


At first, Marianne was optimistic, if not a little naive, completely lovestruck by her fiance and rather ignorant of his blatant narcissism and aspirations of royalty. Since Roland's infidelity, Marianne developed a rather pessimistic ideal of others and the very concept of love, trying to prevent Dawn from suffering from the same heartbreak. Ironically, it is this mutual contempt of love and romance she has with the Bog King that helped the two bond and eventually fall in love.

Marianne also had a humanitarian ideal for when she would become Queen, planning on going into the Dark Forest and bartering peace between the kingdoms. However, after encountering a group of hostile goblins before Roland's betrayal, Marianne developed a paranoid fear of the Dark Forest, doing everything she can to keep her sister (as well as anyone else) as far away from it as possible. With Bog's help, she eventually saw the beautiful secrets of the forest and eventually overcame her fears - both of the forest and to opening herself to others.

Powers and Abilities

Like all fairies, Marianne's wings give her the power of flight. At first, Marianne possessed no combat abilities, and seemed to possess rather inadequet crafting skills (as seen by her boutonniere). After getting her heartbroken, she drowned herself in sword-practice, gaining impressive swordsmanship skills that matches the Bog King. Because of her feelings for Bog, she has developed an immunity to the love potion.

Role in the Film

Marianne was engaged to a male fairy named Roland and prepared to give him a flower. However, when she saw him kissing another fairy girl, she realizes he never loved her and only wanted to marry her so he could become King. Marianne is so saddened that she calls off the wedding and vows to never fall in love again. Years later, Marianne sees Roland again who asks her for forgiveness, but she rejects him and shuts a door on his wing.

Later, Marianne's younger sister Dawn is captured by the Bog King who wants a love potion (which Roland had sent an elf named Sunny to get in order to get Marianne to fall in love with him again) his prisoner The Sugar Plum Fairy made. Marianne goes into to the Dark Forest to the Bog King's castle to rescue Dawn, and ends up duelling the Bog King until the two are too tired to continue.

Due to being doused in the love potion when she was captured, Dawn has fallen in love with the Bog King who demands the Sugar Plum Fairy to make an antidote, but she tells him the only thing powerful than the potion is true love. So Marianne and the Bog King (after the Bog King's mother Griselda sensed chemistry between the two) go for a romantic flight, but it is interrupted by Roland and his army (who have come to give the Bog King the love potion and rescue Dawn). Thinking Marianne has set him up, the Bog King throws her into a spider web and leaves.

Marianne is able to return to the Bog King's castle and helps him battle Roland who orders his army to destroy the castle. The Bog King gives Dawn to Marianne and holds up a crumpling door to let the two sisters escape, leading to his supposed death. The two sisters mourn the Bog King's supposed death, but see him emerge from the castle's ruins.

But Roland, determined to be king, gives Marianne the love potion to make her fall in love with him again. However, due to her true love for the Bog King, the potion doesn't work on Marianne, and knocks Roland into the valley below before confessing her love for the Bog King, and kisses him.


  • Marianne is similar to Mary Ann from The Baby-Sitters Club, as Mary Ann has a sister named Dawn, who has blonde hair like Dawn.