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Marge is a lunch lady at Jack's school, in the show Kickin' It. She is also takes classes at Bobby Wasabi's Martial Arts Academy.

Role in the Series

In "Wasabi Warriors", Marge is the first to meet Jack, and when he asks for her recommendation on what to eat, she doesn't even know what half of the food is. At Bobby Wasabi, she is seen easily taking down Eddie during lessons. When Jack shows up, she's surprised that he just came through a wall. At the tournament, she bugs out when the Black Dragons' cheat by kicking Jack's leg.

In "All the Wrong Moves", her and Rudy created the Pocket Ninja. She then held a meeting with some girl parents, along with Rudy, in the cafeteria. She claimed that if you saw a rat, don't mess with it because they are in their home. Her and Rudy then try to film a commercial, but it results in disaster, because Rudy was too nervous, and ruined the set. Later, while filming, the pocket ninjas began to explode.

In "Boo Gi Nights", she decides to partner up with Eddie for the carving pumpkin contest. When her and Eddie try to carve the pumpkin they just can't do it. She says she relates to Bernard, the pumpkin, because she was the smallest one in her family also. It is then revealed she has a boyfriend named Barry. When the Black Dragons are trashing the place she says that if someone trys to hurt Bernard they are going down. She then protects Bernard, with Eddie, by going fighting some members of the Black Dragons. They then save Bernard.

In "Eddie Cries Uncle", she appears serving lunch when the kids ask her about the lunch. It is then revealed that she and Eddie's uncle once had a thing together. At the basketball game, she appears cheering on for Eddie's uncle. He says that he's never seen her, and she gets up angry and talks to him. She then says she can't stay mad at him and hugs him. Policemen have to take her off of him.


  • Wasabi Warriors
  • All the Wrong Moves
  • Boo Gi Nights
  • Eddie Cries Uncle
  • Sensei and Sensibility