Marci is a character that appears in the animated series Stanley.


Marci, unlike her twin sister Mimi, does not do things other girls participate in. Marci has a tomboyish personality, as she likes sports.


  • Purple T-shirt with blue overalls and sneakers
  • Soccer uniform
  • Hockey uniform
  • T-Ball uniform
  • Blue one-piece swimsuit

Episode Appearances

  • "Show and Tell Shark"
  • "Frog Legs"
  • "Camel Commotion"
  • "There's Snow Place Like Home"
  • "Sloth For a Day"
  • "Honest Ostrich"
  • "Dolphin Talk"
  • "Savanna-Speeders!“
  • "Where's Stanley?"
  • "Penguin Party"
  • "Leave it to Beavers“
  • "Baby Pictures"
  • "It's a Prairie Dog's Life"
  • "Sick Day Stanley"
  • "Little Dog Lost"