Manny is a praying mantis and one of the supporting characters from Disney/Pixar 1998 film A Bug's Life.


A Bug's Life

Manny is a praying mantis with an English accent and the magician of P.T. Flea's circus troupe. He is very kind and courteous to his fellow circus troupe and other insects, especially the ants on Ant Island. He is also Gypsy's husband.

His act involves the "Chinese Cabinet of Metamorphosis," which is really the packaging of a Chinese Takeout. His magic act is not appreciated well by the flies in the usual audience, who insult him and throw berries at him, but the grasshoppers take it seriously, as he somehow improved. Manny is aggressive towards Flik at the beginning of the film, but grows to like him and in the end, convinces him to go back to the colony and help save the Queen from being killed. During this rescue, Manny does his magic act and is almost strangled by Hopper when he refuses to give up the Queen's location. He later pretends to die during the "bird attack," which makes P.T. Flea angry enough to set the fake bird on fire (not realizing that it was a hoax to scare the grasshoppers) and accidentally helping Hopper in the process.

At the climax of the film, Manny participates in the final battle against the grasshoppers. Before leaving Ant Island, he presents Princess Atta with a rock, influenced by Flik's "seed-to-tree" concept in which a rock was used instead of a seed.

Disney Parks

Manny exists as a walkaround character in A Bug's Land at Disney California Adventure.


  • Manny bears a great resemblance to Zorak from the Cartoon Network series, Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet.


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