Huh, I guess I'll never know the real deal as long as I'm not a boy.

Candace Flynn

"Mandace" is an episode of Phineas and Ferb. It aired on July 14, 2014.


Doof invents an "inator" to disguise himself as the local pizza delivery boy in an effort to get warm pizza, but Candace gets hit by the ray and uses her new delivery boy appearance to find out what makes boys tick.

Episode Summary

In the backyard, Phineas and the gang are starting work on what they are going to do today. Perry attempts to find his entrance, but Buford puts a box next to Perry's entrance. Perry's second entrance idea is the tree but Baljeet covers it. Perry's third entrance idea is another hole in the ground but Isabella dumps construction equipment, therefore blocking his entrance. Left with no alternatives, he has to take the long stairs.

At Perry's lair, Major Monogram is being impatient since Perry is being forced to use the stairs as his entrance. He tells Perry that there's no need to walk all the way down the stairs since he can give Perry his mission on the staircase. He informs him that Doofenshmirtz has been experimenting with image technology.

At Candace's room, Candace talks to Stacy on the phone about how complicated it is to understand boys. She says that they're almost like hieroglyphics. Candace mentions inviting Jeremy to go to the movies with her later and that Jeremy said "cool". She doesn't know exactly what Jeremy meant by cool.

At Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, Perry is tricked by a fake Impersonator-inated Doofenshmirtz. Doofenshmirtz explains it as an efficient use of his time since he trapped Perry AND demonstrated his latest -inator invention. Doofenshmirtz explains that ever since he switched pizza places, the pizzas are showing up cold, so he created the impersonator-inator to change his appearance into that of a pizza delivery guy. While Doof is babbling, the inator accidentally goes off and fires in a random direction.

Impersonator Ray hits Candace

Candace gets hit by the Impersonator-inator's ray.

The inator hits Candace, who gets the holographic projection of the pizza delivery guy stuck on her. She automatically assumes this was the work of Phineas and Ferb. Stacy inadvertently suggests she use this image to hang out with Jeremy and the guys, which she does. When Phineas checks off his checklist, he notices Candace running by as the pizza delivery guy and gets inspired to do time-travel pizza as the next project.

While Doof continues to babble, Perry breaks out of his trap and punches him.

Jeremy and hologram Candace

Jeremy talking to "Gary Frank".

At Danville Park, Jeremy is playing football with Coltrane and another friend. Candace, as the pizza delivery guy, comes in with some pizzas. Jeremy says he did not order any pizzas but Candace claims that Jeremy's girlfriend ordered them for him. Jeremy then recognizes the pizza delivery guy as Gary Frank, whom he knew in high school. Sometime later, Candace and the rest of the guys have their pizza on the bench. Coltrane lets out a huge burp, and Candace attempts to make conversation by asking if anyone has any thoughts or feelings they would like to share. Jeremy says he likes the pizza. Coltrane then mocks Jeremy's dirty shirt, and Jeremy mocks Coltrane's face in jest.

While Doof and Perry fight, the inator suddenly goes into random fire mode. The inator changes Doof's image into that of Theodore Roosevelt. He is about to fight Perry, but the inator changes Perry into a big gorilla. Perry the Gorillapus gives Doofsevelt a huge punch.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and the guys are talking about their fantasy football teams. Candace then asks if any of the guys have girlfriends. Coltrane mentions his relationship with Stacy but Candace says she was actually talking to Jeremy. Jeremy then reminds "Gary" that "he" said earlier that his girlfriend ordered the pizzas. "Gary" asks what Jeremy thinks of Candace, and Jeremy simply says "She's cool", and "Gary" attempts to find out what he means by that, only to find out he means what he said. Candace decides to leave. Jeremy remarks that "Gary" was nothing like how "he" was in high school, and Coltrane replies with another belch.

Back at D.E.I., the Gunther Goat Cheese's goat (Doof) is fighting Director Dipthong (Perry). The inator changes the goat into a pig and Dipthong into a football player. Pigenshmirtz is about to remark that his inator has a sense of irony since "pigskin" is slang for football, when the football player hikes him. The pig transforms into a velociraptor, who flings himself at the football player, who transforms into Lulu "Busting" Jones. Lulu punches the velociraptor with her "Bust" and "Them" fists, causing the velociraptor to loose some of his teeth.

Back in the backyard, Phineas and the gang finish their project, making blueberry-flavored air. Candace comes into the backyard still looking like the pizza guy. Buford tries to place an order, but Candace says she is not the pizza guy. Phineas discovers that Candace has a holographic field projection mapped on to her. Candace is confused by Phineas' reaction since she assumed this was his doing. Phineas decides to start a side project to get the hologram off her.

At this point, Blanca Dishon (Perry) hurls Buck Buckerson (Doof) backwards, destroying the inator and turning them back into their original selves. As Perry leaves the building, Doof curses not only Perry, but also the people Perry turned into.

Before Phineas can start on the project, Candace turns back into herself. Candace bids the gang adieu.


End Credits

Candace goes back into her room. She gets a call from Jeremy, who thanks her for sending over the pizzas, once again calling it cool. Candace confirms they're still on for the movies by saying "cool", to which Jeremy replies "cool", and they go back and forth saying "cool" until Candace says, "Arctic" and Jeremy asks what she means by that. Candace says she means what she says.

Running Gags

I know what we're gonna do today / Hey, where's Perry?

Phineas: Knowing what we're gonna do today. Check. Wondering where Perry is. Check.

The "Too Young" Line


Ferb's Line


What'cha doin'?


Perry's entrance to his lair

Perry intends to use a hole in the ground, but Buford puts a crate on it. Perry tries the tree entrance, but Baljeet puts a piece of metal over it. Perry opens up yet another hole in the ground, but Isabella drops a load of metal parts on it with an excavator. Left with no alternatives, he manually opens up an underground staircase and goes down the stairs.

Oh, there you are, Perry


Evil Jingle

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!

Memorable Quotes

Baljeet: How about these helicopter blades?

Phineas: Just lean 'em up against the tree for now.
Baljeet: Ten-four, good buddy.
Buford: Why do you sound like you're in a 1970s road comedy?
Baljeet: There was a cable marathon on last night.

Buford: Oh, I missed it.
Major Monogram: Idea for TV spinoff: "Platypus in a Staircase".
Candace: Stace, the thing with boys is I just don't get them. You think they're saying one thing, but then you don't know if they really mean something else. They're like those Egyptian drawings that no one understands.

Stacy: You mean like hieroglyphics? Those were deciphered in the early 1800s after they found the Rosetta Stone.
Candace: Fine. They're like something else no one understands. Like, how you know that?

Stacy: (mumbles) I 'unno.
Doofenshmirtz: Rather than move or shell out extra cash, I can use this device to create a holographic field around myself, impersonate the pizza delivery boy, and pick up my own pizza. It'll still be warm, but then I said Heinz, Heinz, you're-you're thinking too small. Why not think of pizza boy's boss, but then I said Heinz, Heinz, and I said what? I'm right here. Stop saying my name. And then I said why be the pizza boy's boss when you can be the pizza franchise owner?
Doofenshmirtz: Whoops. One pizza delivery boy, comin' up! I don't know who that was for. It was such a good line. It would've been a shame to hold it back. It's uh, oh hush.
Candace: Stacy, Phineas and Ferb have turned me into a holographic image of a pizza boy!
Stacy: Cool. Can I have a veggie special with non-dairy cheese?
Stacy: Hey, too bad Jeremy didn't order a pizza. Then, you can hang out with him and find out what guys talk about.

Candace: Brilliant! (gasps; laughs)

Stacy: Just kidding, Candace. Candace! Oh boy, I gotta work on my delivery. It's way too deadpan.
Isabella: Did you order a pizza?

Phineas: Nope.
Baljeet: Maybe, he delivered a pizza before you even thought about ordering it.

Phineas: Ferb, make a note for later. Time travel pizzeria.
Doofenshmirtz: And then I thought, why be a brigadier general when I can be a major general? I mean, why not? Right? I'm a modern guy. And then I thought, maybe I'm still shooting too low. Why be a major general when I can be a lieutenant general? And then I thought, why-- (Perry slaps him) Ow! What, do you have a blowtorch under your tail or something?
Jeremy and Coltrane's friend: (repeated line) What?
Coltrane: I have a feeling if Jeremy doesn't wash that shirt soon, it's gonna be reported as a health hazard.
Candace: I have really been underestimating Stacy's conversational skills.
Doofenshmirtz: Okay. I can tell by the way you're looking at me that I'm suddenly the twenty-sixth president of the United States, Teddy Roosevelt. Downside is: I'll be succeeded by William Taft. Blech! The upside, Perry the Platypus, is that the hero of San Juan Hill was a heck of a pugilist. Put up your dukes. Come on.

(Perry gets turned into a gorilla)

Doofenshmirtz: (looking like Teddy Roosevelt) Mm, guess the animal setting wasn't such a hot (Perry the Platypus (currently impersonating a gorilla) punches Doofenshmirtz) Ow! Wait. How did you punch me? The hologram was so much taller than you. (Perry picks him up) Ah! Ow! It defies logic.
(Doofenshmirtz gets turned into a pig.)
Doofenshmirtz: Oh, come on! (Perry gets turned into a football player) Oh, I get it. Pig skin.
Doofenshmirtz: (as a velociraptor) Oh, great! Where am I supposed to find a paleo-orthodontist?
Phineas: Okay, Ferb. Fire it up. (Ferb turns on the machine) Ah. Congratulations, guys. We're the first humans ever to taste blueberry air.
Buford: Eh, I'm more of a lingonberry kind of guy.
Buford: (to Candace) I'll take a large pie with andouille sausage and chocolate chips.
Candace: First of all: Ew. Why would you eat that? And second: I'm not a pizza boy!
Phineas: We were just makin' blueberry air.

Candace: Why blueberry? Why not lingonberry?

Buford: Exactly. What's that all about?
Candace: Buford is like, the eighth person to order pizza from me. And that's not even how you order pizza.
Doofenshmirtz: Who's this nincompoop? (realizes he called himself a nincompoop) Oh, right. Curse you, Perry the Platypus, and-and the football player, the gorilla, and Lulu Jones, and Blanca Dishon and Director Dipthong. Everybody! Curse you all!
Buford: I guess my pizza orders aren't goin' in. WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE BUFORD?!?!

Background Information

Production Information

  • This episode was confirmed by Disney Channel Poland.
  • Monogram proposing a spin-off about "Platypus in a Staircase" may be a reference to the show's near end (8 episodes after this one)
  • For unknown reasons, the episode wasn't aired on Disney Channel for over 7 months after it aired on Disney XD. Normally, it is no more than 3 months. The delay was for so long to where this is the last regular-length episode (11 or 22 minutes) on the channel.

International Premieres

  • May 15, 2014 (PlusPlus, Ukraine)
  • June 2014 (Disney Channel Netherlands)
  • July 26, 2014 (Disney XD Poland)
  • August 4, 2014 (Disney XD Germany)
  • August 8, 2014 (Disney Channel Brazil & Latin America)
  • September 7, 2014 (Disney XD Canada)
  • December 6, 2014 (Disney Channel Scandinavia)
  • December 7, 2014 (Disney XD Spain)
  • January 25, 2015 (Disney XD Canada)
  • February 22, 2015 (RCTI Indonesia)
  • June 1, 2015 (Disney Channel Asia)
  • July 28, 2015 (Disney XD Australia)
  • April 25, 2016 (Disney Channel Poland)


  • Right before the hologram turns Candace into a pizza boy, she is seen without her shoes and socks painting her toenails. However, when its effects wear off, her shoes and socks reappear.
  • In the bleachers, when Jeremy and Coltrane's friend says "What?", the pizza's on the same bench as Candace. Though, when Coltrane says "I have a feeling", when Candace says "Great. Let's hear it", the pizza's gone off the bench.
  • The dinosaur Doofenshmirtz transforms into does not resemble Velociraptor, lacking both feathers and the sickle claws on its feet. In fact, it is identical to the orange dinosaurs briefly seen in "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo".



  • Teddy Roosevelt - Doof transforms himself into the likeness of the 26th President of the United States.
  • Think of the children - Buford yells, "Won't someone please think of The Buford?!?!", a parody of this common phrase made (in)famous by the character of Helen Lovejoy on The Simpsons.
  • The Pirates of Penzance - Doofenshmirtz refers to himself as "a modern guy" when considering transformation into "a major general", a reference to the song "Modern Major General" from this show.


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