"Man in Flight" is an episode of Disneyland. It aired on March 6, 1957.


Up, up and away! This episode of the Disneyland series took to the skies with helicopter views high above "The Happiest Place on Earth." Walt Disney takes viewers through the history of aviation and entertains them with an insider's look at the Disneyland attractions that send guests soaring over the park. Portions of the episode combine highlights from the Walt Disney Studios' 1943 film Victory Through Air Power, which was based on Russian-American aviation pioneer Alexander de Seversky's book — also titled Victory Through Air Power. Walt, continually fascinated with aviation and eager to support America’s war efforts, illustrated Seversky's aviation strategy in animated form for the film. A 1961 rerun of "Man in Flight" replaced some of the first-run footage to provide a preview of The Absent-Minded Professor. And whether you saw it the first time or as a rerun, it certainly was one of the highlights of the Disneyland series. Utilizing generous excerpts from the 1942 Disney animated feature Victory Through Air Power, this Disneyland episode traces the history of animation, from the earliest days of Chinese rocketry to the present. Though the narration of the original film has been rewritten (wisely, considering its WW2 propaganda content), the images remain intact, including a sprightly if slightly off-the-beam sequence in which the First World War is essentially reduced to the level of a sight gag. One year after its 1957 telecast, Man in Flight was released theatrically overseas; and in 1961, it was rebroadcast on Walt Disney Presents, with new footage added to promote the upcoming Disney live-action feature The Absent-Minded Professor (replete with an appearance by star Fred MacMurray). Two years later, in 1963, portions of this episode were edited into a new episode, Fly with Von Drake, with narration dubbed over by Ludwig Von Drake, and which also featured footage from Man in Space.