It's My School! My own school! YAS! YES!
―Wednesday Malone in her dream
'Malone High' (or better known as Mrs Malone) was to have been the third episode of the first series of Madison High. It would have been written by Lester Lewis, and as expected, directed by Paul Hoen. Katherine McNamara announced the episode on June 23, 2010, but filming never commenced, after G. Hannelius landed a role on Dog With a Blog, resulting to Madison High being dropped and the episode not produced.

At the Disney Channel 2012/2013 Upfront, writer for the serial, Lester Lewis, stated he was very upset his idea was never seen in live-action, but is planning to showcase it, for an upcoming 2018 DC Sitcom.

This left rumors, speculations and lies that the series had been revived, and the episode would air some-point in early September 2017, with a whole new cast.

On January 1, 2012, G. Hannelius posted on her twitter account, she was very sorry, Dog With a Blog got in the way of the episode airing, and the show itself.

Fans wrote fan-fiction about this episode on social media.


Wednesday dreams about having Madison High all to herself - She loves it at first, making lots of more homework for students, introducing a new line of uniforms; But when the students start to protest against them, she finds out being principal for a day in Madison High, is not very easy! Elsewhere, in the real world, Cherry O'Keefe tries to get close to Devin, as Peyton and him get even more closer... And the mean girl may use, bribery, lies and secrets to get her own way!


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