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Background Information
Feature films The Princess and the Frog (mentioned)
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Inspiration Maldives
Other Information
Other names
Ruler(s) The King of Maldonia
The Queen of Maldonia
Inhabitants The King of Maldonia
The Queen of Maldonia
Prince Naveen
Prince Ralphie
Final state Still standing
Maldonia is a fictional country mentioned in The Princess and the Frog. It is where Lawrence, Naveen, his mother, father and brother were born. The name is a portmanteau of real life countries Maldives and Macedonia. It should also be noted that the chief language of Maldonia, called Maldaquesh, is derived from the Italian language.


  • Maldonia was originally named Maldaquesh as heard in deleted scenes.
  • The country is still known as Maldaquesh in the newspaper in the beginning song.
  • In Maldonia, there are two numbers in between 28 and 29 as stated by Naveen in a deleted scene. They are "Twenty-Badini", and "Twenty-Caldonza".


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