"Magical Moments" (競れブレイト・ザ・マジック・オブ・ディズニー) is a song written and composed by Bruce Healey and Barnette Ricci for the 15th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland. It is often found paired with another Healey/Ricci song Celebrate the Magic of Disney.

The song was first used in 1998 for the Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary Musical Show. It was next used for the Tokyo DisneySea show Valentine Nights from 2009 to 2015.


Magical Moments
きらめく この瞬間(とき)
Magical Moments
誰もが 求め
待ちつづける 魔法の
夢が 叶う瞬間(とき)
いつまでも 残る 素敵な

Magical moments
That's what Disney is all about
Magical moments
That bring a laugh, a tear, a smile, a fear
There's beauty in the magic
Be it fanciful or tragic
And the moments come to life right from the start
And the magic you remember lasts forever in your heart...