Magic Users are beings who practise the occult sciences named witchcraft, sorcery and wizardry. Their very nature shift across the mutiple dimensions of the Disney Multiverse, but their powers and the source of them is the same. A magic user does not have to be human, as there are various magical creatures capable of using powers and abilities that are magical in origin.

Magic Users in the Disney Multiverse

Disney Comics Universe


Witchcraft is the art of use natural elements like flowers, apples, fleas and herbs and magical elements like screams, darkness, unicorn horn dust et cetéra, to make potions capable of all kind of effects. In the Disney Comics Universe, potions sometimes demand a spoken spells to operate. Other times, the brew itself make the magic. Other forms of witchcraft is scrying using crystal balls. Scrying allows the witch (or warlock) to see what's happening in somewhere else.

Divination is also a powerful form of scrying, but it focuses in future rather in present. The most common form of Divination is through crystal-gazing, but it's possible to foreseen events through sand grains and the movements of stars. Witchcraft is highly sensitive to nature, including storms, astronomical events and pollution.


Sorcery is the casting of spoken spells and channeling mystical energy through tools, like wands or even rings. Sorcerers and Sorceresses cast spells to cause all kind of effects but they can find themselves powerless without their wands and spellbooks.

Sorcerers tend to be richer than witches and warlocks living in oppulent castles or modern luxurious mansions, and usually hold positions of power. Because of their dual magic/social power, those who practise sorcery tend to be a higher threat than those who practise witchcraft.

Tenggren Blue fairy workshop

Blue Fairy, a typical magic user of Disney Multiverse


Fairies are good magic users who posses butterflies wings and wield a golden wand. Fairies are bound to nature and are very kind and sweet. Some fairies become Fairy Godmothers and use their magic to help their charges.

Gods and other mythological beings

Other forms of magic users include beings taken from mythology, including gods, centaurs,mermaids, gryphons et cetéra. Dragons tend to be the ones who most appear, and they are usually beastial and mindless and bound to protect a witch, a magical item or a very important magical location.

Other mythical creatures include ogres, who usually are evil and greed, attempting to use other magical creatures to obtain wealth, elves, mermaids and gods. From the gods section, the ones who most appear are the ones of ancient Greece and rome, as they are best known to the Western readers and writers, and sometimes appear Egyptian and Norse gods.

Wizards of Waverly Place

In the TV show Wizards of Waverly Place the magic users are named Wizards, humans born with supernatural powers that they channel through their wands and use spoken spells, but they also can cast non verbal and even wandless spells, but they are weaker and tend to fail.

Wizards are forced to fight in the Wizard Competition, an ultimate battle that determinates whose sibling gets to keep his/her wizard powers. Those who fail become mortals (non wizards). Still even if they loose they can enter in contact with the Wizard World if they want to and can use enchanted objects from the Wizard World. It seems that wizards who loose their powers continue to be magical, as Jerry didn't suffered the Dejavu side effect from the Second Opportunity Spell. In the end, Alex won the right to keep her powers.

Animation Universe

In the Animation Universe (which includes the TV cartoons Lilo and Sitch, Kim Possible, American Dragon: Jake Long, Recess and Proud Family) magic users are magical in origin and receive a lot of names, including sorcerers, witches, warlocks and wizards. They are usually background characters and tend to be treacherous in most.