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The Magic Medallion is a mystical item that appeared in the DuckTales episode "Home Sweet Homer". It is used by the sorceress Circe.


The evil Circe gets her powers from this trinket. It works by putting the hole to your eye and saying the magic words. Circe intends to send King Homer to a distant time with her Time Twister, but since her cat disrupts the spell, the twister transports Scrooge and his nephews to Ithaquack. Circe later uses the medallion to close up the passage leading to and from the city. After finding that Homer, Scrooge and the nephews have survived, Circe is led to believe that Scrooge is a powerful sorcerer. She disguises herself as Queen Ariel while turning the real queen into a pig. Later, Circe reveals her true identity and turns Scrooge and Homer into Pigs with the medallion. The nephews later sneak up on Circe while she's asleep and silently remove the medallion from its string. But Circe awakens to her cat's screeches and chases the nephews when she finds her medallion in their hands. Huey throws the medallion at a pillar, causing it to smash upon impact. While everyone transformed by the medallion reverts back to normal, Circe loses her powers and becomes a non-anthropomorphic pig.


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