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Magic is an infinitely powerful and supernatural force in the Disney properties, responsible for most of the supernatural events in its features. Magic is neutral by nature, but those who wield it can freely use it for both good or evil; however, there are beings who are forced by an unknown agent to use it for a special standard of behavior (like fairies and pixies, who are committed to use magic to help people and preserve nature).

Magic is not specified as what it is (energy, science, or simply supernatural) but it is used in the most classical Disney universe. This article will deal with magic in its extent, and not focus on Dark or Light Magic.

Nature of Magic

Magic seems to be a supernatural force, and as such, it does not care about good or evil. Magic is used through spells, which can be either potions or verbal or non-verbal incantations, which turns real the users' desire but often breaks the laws of nature in the process. For example, during Merlin and Mad Madam Mim's wizard duel, their different transformations altered their molecular structures, which by current scientific knowledge would kill them.

Also, magic seems to splinter into different forces, the most known being love. Love, the unconditional caring over someone, is known to break even the most powerful curses and sometimes can give a non-magical the inner strength to beat a superpowered sorcerer or witch. Magic also seems to work in simplistic ways: a grain of sand can reveal ones' thought and the movement of stars reveals the future of nations.

Magic is not only wonderful or dangerous depending on whether the user is good or evil, but whether the user has fear of controlling it, like Elsa the Snow Queen when she accidentally hurt Anna with her magic to the head.

Effects of Magic

Magic is responsible for many of the supernatural events in Disney properties. Magic is mostly used for Transfiguration (like turning a monkey into a toy, redecorate a whole palace, turn a mermaid into a human, transform princes into frogs, etc.), mostly by using an incantation or a potion, but in some universes it can be simply using the will.

A second ability of magic is the power of Conjuration (creating and summoning items out of nothingness). It's mostly used in more recent universes. Conjuration is mostly used in the universes where magic is pure energy (tough magic can pass from energy to supernatural in the same universe), when a user needs an item that he/she cannot afford or is nonexistent (like ingredients for potions, a super-computer, a car, etc.).

A third ability is the enhancement of the natural characteristics of a person or item. This ability is called Enchantment. Charms and enchantments are used in people, to alter a certain aspect of a person, personality, behavior or appearance. Charms whose goal is to harm or humiliate a person are called curses, but are still part of "Enchantment Category." Some magical powers or spells can change the physical structure or appearance of an object or person or have mental effects on them. Other spells can bend space and time or warp reality. Some more stronger versions of magic can grant immortality to someone as well. Also, magic can give people superhuman senses, such as those mystically enhanced senses of dragons in the animated universe of the American Dragon cartoon.

Morality of Magic

Despite the "Black Arts and Witchcraft" books that appeared in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, magic seems to be a neutral force in morality terms. One example is the healing powers of Rapunzel's hair. Though Rapunzel uses her hair to heal the love of her life, Mother Gothel uses it to selfishly keep her youth.

Other proofs of magical neutrality are the Olympian Gods, who (usually) use them to help mortals and keep the balance of the world. However, Hades uses his powers in a selfish attempt to overthrow Zeus (and the rest of the Olympian Gods, by the way) and abuses his godly abilities and mistreats the souls of those who live in the Underworld.

Maleficent, the self-proclaimed "Mistress of All Evil", uses her magical powers to cause unhappiness, suffering and pain to the kingdom, while the fairy godmothers use their powers to help others and bring happiness and joy.

Types of Magic


Blackbeard, a master of Dark Magic.

There are many types of magic in the Disney universe due to the many movies, TV shows and cartoons created. However, some basic types are known and a recurrent theme throughout the Disney universe.


At first shown as a darker force, witchcraft or sorcery became a more softer form of magic. Initially witches were typically evil and ugly, but in more recent movies became fair, as benevolent witches became more common. Witchcraft makes uses of spells and tools like wands or staves. The only limit is death. Witchcraft can't kill directly, though it's possible a character might die if they suffer terrible injuries.

Some witchcraft practitioners (for example, Jafar and the Evil Queen) are evil while Mickey Mouse, Queen Elsa, and Alex Russo are known to be good sorcerers.


Voodoo, often referred to as dark magic or the dark arts, was magic practiced in either the Caribbean or Louisiana. Voodoo was also a religion, beginning as a tribal and spiritual belief in Africa. Born in the jungles of the Caribbean, Voodoo had spread all across the untamed regions of the world.

Mama Odie was a blind, 197-year-old voodoo priestess, while Dr. Facilier (alias "The Shadow Man") was a silver-tongued but evil witch doctor. Tia Dalma was a well-known voodoo mystic in the Caribbean. The infamous Blackbeard took a passion for forbidden dark magic, and dabbled in the dark arts within his private chamber in the captain's cabin aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, which appeared more like the den of an evil magician.

Dragon Magic

A recurrent theme of Disney movies is the presence of Dragons as an obstacle for heroes and other good aligned characters. Most dragon characters are actually sorcerers and witches who used spells to transform themselves while others are pure-blood dragons who have supernatural powers. However, Dragon Magic is indeed a branch as it has many common traits.

Dragon Magic enables one to breathe fire, fly (even if the particular dragon doesn't have wings) as well as grant superhuman strength and agility. True Dragon Magic users are natural dragons such as Jake Long and Mushu, who are characters who possess great, inherent Dragon Magic.

Fairy Magic

Fairy Magic is capable of doing the same things that witchcraft can do, but it comes from nature rather than arcane forces. It can transform, bend time and space, and create things out of nothing as well give life to things. Fairies use this in their goal of keeping the balance of everything. Many witches and wizards gained their powers from the fairies, whether through objects, such as pixie dust, or through blood, if the magicians are hybrids. These fairies can actually be spiritual or even divine at times, such as in the case of the Blue Fairy.

Genie Magic

Genie Magic is known to be one of the most powerful forms of magic, as Genies are known to possess "phenomenal, cosmic power". However, such power comes at a heavy price: freedom. By some divine law, Genies are bound to certain objects, such as lamps or bottles, which they remain trapped within until a mortal finds and rubs it. Then the Genie must grant their master any three wishes they desire (with the exception of death, love, resurrection or additional wishes), regardless of how they feel about it.

The only way to be free of this curse is if a master would wish the Genie free, but this would cause the Genie in question to become weakened, with their magic becoming "semi-phenomenal, nearly-cosmic power". Also, if the object were to be destroyed, then the Genie would be destroyed with it, such as the case with Jafar.

Disney Magic

Disney Magic is capable of doing many great things. It even has allowed all the Theme Park characters to know each other even though they come from different worlds from their movies. According to Fozzie Bear, it has three main parts: wishes, dreams, and pixie dust. If misused, it can cause users to shapeshift. As seen in the Disney's House of Mouse episode "Where's Minnie?", Disney Magic can take on the form of fireworks. As seen in the Disney's Animal Kingdom promo, it can also create worlds of imagination.

Appearing Magic

Appearing Magic is capable of making anything and anyone appear from nothingness. Appearing Magic can appear anything and anyone where Magic users can look at any spot to by say Magic words, or just say what they want to appear, even when they don't have to say what they what to appear they can just talk about what they want to appear, as seen in Alice in Wonderland. Appearing Magic can make anything or anyone appear by itself.

Summoning Magic

Summoning Magic is capable of calling on a magical, or often mythological entity without the hassle of having it follow it around you. Sora uses this type of magic while the ones he summons include Genie and Simba.


Alchemy is a special kind of chemistry experimenting on magic. Guess many would call it the science of magic. Examples include Yzma on potions, Ansem the Wise on the matter of the heart and the trope namer, the Alchemist (later known as the Skeleton King) for he used both magic and science in experiments, might be the same for Stanford Pines. One good example of Alchemy is Zarina on Pixie Dust.

Quantum Magic

This brand of magic is the magic prevalent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This kind of magic taps into the power of quantum physics to create its reality-warping effects, and it's closer to cosmic power than supernatural magic. Alien interface commands act as "spells" for this brand of magic, and alien artifacts are used to channel it instead of talismans. The most prominent user of this kind of magic is Stephen Strange, whose mastery over this kind of magic is what makes him the Sorcerer Supreme. The Asgardian cosmic being Loki also uses this kind of magic.

Known Magic Users

The Disney Universe beholds a number of magic users, mages, sorcerers, witches, wizards, coming in all shapes and sizes. There are some who use magic for good and benevolent purposes, others for wicked, selfish, and fiendish goals, and some that are indifferent to good and evil and thus use magic for their own reasons, regardless of good or evil.




Different Types of Magic Users

As mentioned, there are different types of magic users, such as:


  • Abigal Shine - learned a little dark magic to get revenge on her sister, Sally Shine
  • Agatha Cromwell - also known as Splandora in the Middle Ages
  • Artemis and Apolla DuBaer
  • Kiki - on her mother's side of the family who starts her training by flying a broom for a year
  • Lucinda - a dark witch in training who reforms
  • Marla - Lucinda's mother
  • Marnie Piper - descendant of the most powerful witches in Halloweentown
  • Marzipan - an ugly old hag who disguised herself as a princess and nearly married King Gregor
  • Miriya - part of a long dynasty of witches (Miriya & Marie)
  • Miss Eglantine Price - a witch in training by correspondence who uses her magic to help end World War II
  • The Witch - an eccentric witch who took to being a wood-carver
  • Witch Hazel - a mischievous but kindly old witch who embodies the Halloween spirit
  • Yubaba - head of a bathhouse who turns trespassing humans into pigs


  • Boone - an Owl Wizard in the Animal Barbarian world and while being in Penn's first adventure
  • Hogarth - an apprentice Owl Wizard
  • Merlin - the mentor of King Arthur
  • Wendell Fidget - a young wizard who uses a lute to lure flying horses
  • Wraith - the right-hand man of Lord Dragaunus
  • Zabar - a legendary nature healer who is often referred to as the "guy in the woods"
  • Zummi Gummi - the elder of the Gummi Glen and resident magic expert

Voodoo practitioners

  • Blackbeard - a ruthless pirate captain who is feared by all, including other pirates
  • Catfish Booray - a Cajun trapper who resides in the swamplands behind Norrisville High
  • Dr. Facilier - a conspiring voodoo witch doctor
  • Mama Odie - a blind voodoo priestess who helps people figure out what they need rather than what they want
  • Tia Dalma - also a sea goddess bound to human form




  • Cedric - a Royal Sorcerer with light and dark magic in his veins
  • Goodwyn the Great - the previous royal sorcerer of Enchancia, father of Cedric
  • Jafar - a power-hungry sorcerer
  • Rippen - While being in Penn's first adventure and a sorceress in the musical fairy tale land
  • Sofia - Cedric's pupil
  • The Sorcerer - an evil being imprisoned beneath Norrisville High
  • The Sorceress - long-lost love of the Sorcerer
  • Yen Sid - a wise and stern sorcerer and Mickey's mentor

Magical Creatures

  • Avemetrus - a creature old as time itself who drains the youth from other creatures
  • Celestabellebethabelle - a mystical but vain unicorn
  • Cornica - the legendary sea unicorn (a seahorse with a horn on the forehead)
  • Elliott - a dragon who can turn invisible and helps children
  • The Firebird - a bird that brings all music in Russia
  • Fu Dog - Jake's animal-guardian
  • Hen Wen - an enchanted pig who can create visions in water
  • Hugin and Munin - the raven companions of the Norse god Odin
  • Jake Long - a dragon and the guardian of New York City
  • Klimpaloon - a creature who looks like an old-timey bathing suit and lives in the Himalayas
  • Mushu - a dragon guardian of the Fa Family
  • Pegasus - a flying horse constructed by the divine power of Zeus
  • Penn Zero - a dragon in another world
  • Tengu - a bird demon whose feathers were infused into the Ninja Mask; it is also linked with the Ninja


  • Barney Satin (otherwise known as Satan)
  • Bill Cipher - an evil interdimensional dream demon planning to destroy the world with the Weirdmageddon
  • Larry - a demonic overlord of evil in the gothic underworld world
  • Mirror Julian - an evil version of Julian who seeks to be an all-powerful being
  • Pluto
  • Yono - an evil demonic monkey plotting to destroy the world

Enchanted Objects

  • Amy - a mannequin brought to life by a wish for a mom
  • Eve - a doll who became a human during an attempt to bring the main character's mother back to life
  • Klimpaloon - a magical swimming suit living in the Himalayas
  • Magic Brooms - brought to life by Sorcerer Mickey to help him with his chores
  • The Magic Gourd


Legendary Figures

Gods and Goddesses




Magical Items

Magic by itself can be a powerful force, especially when it's channeled through a conduit to concentrate its power and focus. Thus, there are a number of magical items in the Disney Universe, the majority of them having a specific magical function and purpose while others are used to practice magic of varying forms.

Known magical items include:


Kingdom Hearts

Spell Orb KHII

A spell orb, the visualization of an obtained spell.

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Magic (まほう Mahou) is a type of skill.

Magic can be either offensive or supportive, and it differs from weapon skills in that its usage is generally limited by some factor, such as the player's current MP, and that its potency is determined by the Magic stat. Party members who specialize in magic include Donald Duck, Jack Skellington, and Zexion.

Dream Rod KH

The Dream Rod

Magical power is associated with wisdom, as indicated by the descriptions of the Dream Rod and Struggle Wand, as well as Wisdom Form. It is also associated with the color blue, the color of the MP gauges appearing in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, the color of magic cards in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and the signature color of Wisdom Form. In the menus, magic is represented by a symbol of Donald's mage hat.


Many individuals in the Kingdom Hearts universe are capable of using magic. All wielders of the Keyblade are capable of learning magic, and magic of the Keyblade itself is capable of great feats, being able to lock a world's Keyhole, open gates, and transform into different forms. There are also those that specialize in the use of magic, such as Donald Duck, Merlin, and Yen Sid. Those who are adept at magic can use it in a wide variety of uses outside of combat, such as transformations, transportation between worlds, realms, or even time periods, or casting enchantments or curses.

Recurring magic

  • Fire, Fira, Firaga
  • Blizzard, Blizzara, Blizzaga
  • Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga
  • Cure, Cura, Curaga
  • Aero, Aerora, Aeroga
  • Gravity, Gravira, Graviga
  • Magnet, Magnera, Magnega
  • Reflect, Reflera, Reflega

Some powerful magical abilities, called Limits, may be performed in tandem with a party member, but will drain all of Sora's remaining MP after usage.


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