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Maggie the Cat, formerly known as Maggie Reed is a mutant living in the Labyrinth. She is featured in the animated television show Gargoyles. She is voiced by Kath Soucie.



Maggie moved to Manhattan from Ohio to pursue a career in acting, but fell on hard times and became homeless. Dr. Anton Sevarius recruited her from the street, offering her a job at Gen-U-Tech as a "temporary assistant." In reality he was luring her into his Mutate program. After her mutation, she was the most desperate to find a cure for her condition. Brooklyn had a crush on her for a time, but she fell in love with Talon.

During the time that Fang staged a coup in the Labyrinth, Maggie fled to the Clock Tower to ask the Manhattan Clan for their help. Brooklyn, who was temporarily leading the clan, helped her rescue Talon, and they imprisoned the treacherous Fang.

When Thailog stormed the Labyrinth on Halloween of 1996, Maggie stood up to him, and was nearly crushed to death by debris by his attack. Shortly thereafter, she was treated by Dr. Sato, who expressed that she needed an O.B., as pregnancy is out of his field of expertise.


Maggie's mutated form incorporates genes from a lion, a bat and an electric eel alongside her natural human DNA. Originally, her appearance was very shaggy and slightly grotesque. However, her form evidently fully developed into a much sleeker and more attractive leonine visage. She is the gentlest of the mutates, and despite her initial fear of the gargoyles, soon came to understand that they were not evil monsters and wanted to help her. While having no romantic feelings for Brooklyn, despite his infatuation for her, she soon came to fall in love with Talon (no doubt thanks in part to his concern for her, particularly when he stopped her from drinking Sevarius' "antidote").


  • Maggie was listed in the show's credits as Maggie the Cat, an allusion to the female lead in the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams.
  • She resembles a lion hybrid.
  • Brooklyn initially mistook her for Demona.
  • Barring Talon who was introduced as a human, she is the only mutate who revealed her real name, Maggie Reed.
  • She is also the only mutate who didn't change her name, as she was still known primarily as Maggie.


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