Madame Zeroni is a minor character in the 2003 live-action film, Holes.

Role in the film

She is a wise, old Egyptian woman who only has one leg. Elya Yelnats came to her for wisdom and advice. Despite warning him that the young woman he hoped to marry was spoiled and empty-headed, she gave him one of her pigs and, and a way to make it grow larger - he had to carry it up a nearby mountain every day and sing a song to it as it drank from the stream there. She also made him promise to come back and carry her up the mountain so she could drink from the spring. However, he missed the last day, and the pig ended up only as big as the pig Igor offered. That was he will be cursed for 85+ years. Her great-great-great-grandson is Zero, who would eventually meet Stanley Yelnats out of destiny.